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Musharraf Beefs Up His US Image

Pakistan’s President Musharraf has decided since overhauling the corrupt aspects of his government are simply too difficult to handle, that it might be preferable attempting an end run around the situation by focusing on image building. He apparently has concluded his image in America is a more vital component of success than actually confronting issues dealing with reform of education or the insurgent northwest region. Musharraf already has a $55,000 a month contract with Van Scoyon Associates that is designed to improve his American image. He just added Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide at $45,000 a month to ensure the American government and public know
about his gallant fight to eliminate terrorism and extend democracy to his nation.

In the real world of politics, it isn’t what you do that counts, it is what people believe you did that is important. President Musharraf has certainly learned what to do in America to ensure the success he boasts about at least is reported on the six o’clock news.