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Argentine Justice A Long Time Coming

During the 1970s a brutal Argentine military regime controlled the nation and ruthlessly crushed opponents accusing them of being radicals or communists. Thousands disappeared into the labyrinth of the torture chambers which were used by the military to abuse and degrade those who opposed their rule of violence. Hundreds met their faith by being thrown out of airplanes into the ocean below. Former chief of the third army corps, Luciano Benjamin Menendez was finally sentenced to life imprisonment after a judge revoked his house arrest for crimes against humanity. He was charged with kidnapping, torturing, and killing four activists in 1977. Menendez pleaded “not guilty” charging those who had rendered verdict on him represented “those guerrillas (who)are now in power.”

Menendez played a central role in the infamous La Perla clandestine detention center in the province of Cordoba, where 2,300 people were held in captivity. Only 17 kidnapees survived the experience. The people who died did not commit any crime other than having different political views than the thugs who held them captive.