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Free Speech In Russia Not Free, Unless For Putin

Several days ago, a few hundred human rights activists once again tried to demonstrate in public in support of the basic principles of free speech, but they shortly encountered the forces of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin who believes in unlimited free speech — for those who agree with his ideas, that is. Sergei Obukhov, a Deputy in the Duma rose to discuss attacks y police against people who were openly expressing their ideas in a peaceful manner. His microphone was switched off by deputies of the ruling United Russia party who do not enjoy having the halls of parliament demeaned by such acts as criticizing forces of the government who are merely carrying out their duties to maintain law and order for those who decide what is law and order. The federal human rights ombudsman, Vladimirj Lukin said he was preparing a report for President Medvedev which discusses the basic principles inherent in the right of free assembly.

Opposition deputies are requesting the Lukin report to be presented to the Duma and time set aside for a frank discussion of its ideas. Prime Minister Putin was given a document describing violent actions against human rights groups. Putin said he would not act on what is contained in the report because “they were simple statements of facts which do not require a reaction.”

No comment on the Putin comment.

Putin Supports Public Rallies -For His Supporters!

A group of human rights activists gathered at the Mykovsakaya metro station in Moscow to reaffirm their right to openly protest only to be met by police who assaulted dozens of people and arrested even more. Police admitted to having detained 152 protestors in order to make clear that in democratic Russia the right to protest is a sacred one. The crackdown came two days after Prime Minister Vladmir Putin told a meeting of intellectuals that he firmly supported the right of protest, of course, as long as such demonstrations did not hinder the rights of other people. Monday’s demonstration which, not only was held in Moscow, but in other cities was an effort to find out if Putin was speaking the truth about the right to openly protest. According to one analyst, Tatyana Stanovaya, “Putin voiced the long-time position of the federal authorities. It is up to regional authorities whether to allow a rally or not.”

Let me get this clear. It is up to “regional authorities” as to whether people can rally. One would assume regional authorities in the city of Moscow could check with the prime minister in order to make certain they agree with his views on the right to rally. But, then again, this is Putin Russia.

Russia Slammed On Human Rights Abuses

Russia is a democratic nation, at least, that is the claim of its President Medvedev who has spoken continually about the need to ensure that rights of citizens were not abused. There is no question he has a paper trail which documents his STATEMENTS concerning the importance of respecting human rights. Unfortunately, according to Amnesty International, “we saw steps like President Medvdev speaking to civil society on the other hand, we also saw (Chechen human rights activist Natalya) Estemirova abducted from the street in broad daylight and killed. This clearly shows things are not right” in the state of Russia. Nicola Duckworth believes there is abundant evidence “the(Russian) legal system seems utterly ineffective in prosecuting those who are responsible for attacks on human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers.” I believe Amnesty International is confused concerning the meaning of human rights in Putin, Russia. The record clearly shows that human rights ARE being respected. Those who kill individuals making nasty remarks about the government are liquidated by individuals who uphold the human right of the Russian government to always be correct.

If Ms. Duckworth doubts the human rights of killers is upheld in Putin, Russia, just go to Moscow and make some insulting remarks about our Great Leader.

Russian Human Activist Murdered While Waiting Trial

Technically speaking Russia is classified as a democratic nation in that there are elections, there are newspapers and books published that contain information that is critical of the government and hovering above everything is the beloved Prime Minister Putin and his old KGB crew. Sergei Magnitsky charged important officials in the Interior Ministry of embezzling millions of dollars which is a guarantee to have some crime charged to your account, While awaiting a tax “crime” trial, Magnitsky came down with a serious illness, was denied treatment and finally died before his trial could commence. Valery BVorshchyov charges “Magnitsky died of systematic torture and not of negligence.” Of course, such charges might result in Valery being charged with some crime in order to get him inside a prison.

The tragedy of Russia is after so many years of dictatorship its wonderful people still lack the basic rights of democracy. Who knows, perhaps one day, Medvedev will emerge from Putin’s shadow and assert himself as a leader of a democratic nation.

Putin, Go Home, Shout Russians

For the first time in years, a crowd of up to 12,000 people protested in the streets of Kaliningrad against the Russian government with most of their anger directed at the Putin appointed governor of the area. The region is separated from Russia by EU member states, Poland and Lithuania which makes its inhabitants familiar with life in European Union nations. President Medvedev sent a special envoy to the city in order to determine the source of anger. Solomon Ginzburg, an opposition leader said the demonstration represented people from all sectors of the political opposition to Medvedev’s United Russia Party. He said people were fed up with lies from Governor Boos who has failed to raise the standard of living to that of any EU member state. United Russia is recruiting paid counter-demonstrators but everyone in town knows they are from far away Russia.

Just a few days ago there were protests in Moscow which resulted in the arrest of a 100 people, and reports indicated riot police were brutal in crushing the demonstration. A letter in New Times revealed corruption in the riot police and they have quotas for the number of opposition demonstrators they are supposed to arrest. If they do not meet the quota, their pay is docked.

So, whatever happened to promises by Medvedev that he believed in the rule of law?

Who Runs Russia-Karate Man Or Lawyer Man?

The good news in Russia is that Dimitry Medvedev is president of the nation, the bad news is that Vladmir Putin is prime minister of the country. The president was working with American officials to conclude a new US-Russian arms control agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty which expired on December 5. Medvedev was also seeking to have Russia enter the World Trade Organization and had cooperated with American officials to work out some minor issues, but along came the man of toughness, Vladmir, the karate king. Putin reminded the world being president of Russia is no guarantee one can do anything unless the prime minister agrees. He threw cold water on the proposed agreement. According to Putin, “the problem is that our American partners are building an anti-missile shield and we are not building one.”

There is no question Putin simply does not like being second banana to anyone and he already has indicated a desire to run again in the next presidential election. He sabotaged Medvedev’s attempt to work with the world on sanctions against Iranian efforts to build nuclear weapons just as he undercut the president who was attempting to get Russia into the World Trade Organization.

At the next presidential election the people of Russia will have to decide whether they wish their nation to evolve into a constitutional democracy or go backwards to a watered down version of the Soviet Union.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Moscow Mayor Reduces Snowfall”
Heck, in Putin Russia, just ask the government and they can do anything.

South Africa, Argus: “Muslims Support Safe 2010″
After that year, all hell can break loose.

Canada, Toronto Star: “How American And Canadian Youth Are Different”
One group speaks English and the other does not.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Italy’s Abusing Priests Exposed”
They were caught with the evidence in their hands.

Qatar, Khalleej Times; “School Launches Swine Flu Awareness Camp”
Admission is for those who bring a swine.

Egypt, Egypt Daily News: ‘London Emporium Selling Gold Bars”
You have to pay in silver coins.

Czech Republic, Prague Daily Monitor: “To Russia With Love”
All love is allowed in Russia provided Putin sanctions it.

Sweden, The Local: “Conscripts Forced To Drop Pants”
They wanted to get to the root of the problem.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Want To Get Pregnant-Just Relax”
Let the Viagra do its job.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Latest in Winter Fashions”
Winter fashions in Qatar!!

Is Russian Mouse Becoming A Lion?

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev has spent his first year in office working very diligently not to annoy Prime Minister Putin, the real ruler of Russia, Suddenly, Medvedev has begun to make intelligent remarks which indicate he wants to confront serious issues within his nation. In a startling admission a few days ago, he complained his nation was run by corrupt officials and many businessmen did nothing other than live off the sale of raw materials. He told a group of Russian experts, “corrupt officials run Russia. They have the true power in Russia.” He warned that corruption “has a systematic nature, deep historic roots. We should squeeze it out. The battle isn’t easy but it has to be fought.”

Some observers see evidence of a young Mikhail Gorbachev who is really responsible for the end of the Cold War and transforming Russia into a semi-democracy. Medvedev understands Russia can not continue relying on raw materials for its wealth, but must become a modern technological society. If he pursues this path of leadership, it is bound to annoy Vladmir Putin, his prime minister.

King Vladimir Of Russia

Vladimir Putin of Russia is not a man who wastes words on idle chatter such as elections and a free press, but he gets right to the point. Who will be president of Russia in 2012 when his stooge, Dimitry Medvedev has concluded his term in office as president of Russia? Who else! Vladimir was kind enough to allow someone else to carry the title of “president” for four years, but the throne of power must be returned to its rightful owner, the man who knows what is best for his children, the people of Russia– the Putin man!

Naturally, Putin has enough uncommon sense to compare his appointment of Medvedev to become president with the British tradition of having a prime minister step down and another member of his party assume office. I hate to tell you, Vladimir, but Gordon Brown will be voted out of office because the UK is a democracy, not a semi-monarchy as exists in Russia.

Ironically, the dummy who is president recently made an interesting speech in which he noted”an ineffective economy, a semi-Soviet social sphere, a weak democracy, negative demographic trends and an unstable Caucasus.” Oh well, wait a three years and King Vladimir will make that assessment look rosy when he completes his next turn as president.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Singapore, Straits Times: “Law Against Dumping Parents?”
There sure is one against dumping kids.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Man Dives After Diving Into Fountain”
OK, there are pennies in it, but diving for them!!

UK, The Independent: “August Month For Christmas Shopping”
If you live in Arizona, but for those in Michigan, …

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Cabbie Attacked”
Was that the tip?

Sweden, The Local: “Fewer Seek Asylum In Sweden”
After Iraq winters, it’s a mighty stretch to be in Sweden.

Israel, Haaretz: “Tips To Embrace Vegetarianism”
Blueberries, strawberries, carrots, peaches, etc..

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Goodbye Lenin”
Hello Putin.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: “Sh ort Shrift For Swan Lake”
It’s more like a Swan song.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Health Minister Discusses Swine Flu”
We prefer if he would cure swine flu.