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They Love Putin, But Why?

He was an unknown bureaucrat in 1999 when Vladimir Putin was thrust into leadership of Russia at a time when the nation faced instability. Within a few months after becoming prime minister, his approval ratings zoomed up into over 70% and since then the Russian people have continued to believe in his ability to lead Russia. Some critics claim he has ridden the oil price boom which has allowed Russia to enjoy a relatively prosperous period of time — at least for those in charge of the government.

Putin has made a mockery of human rights, he has imprisoned business leaders who dared to challenge his power, and the use of force to impose Russia’s will on areas of the former Soviet Union is all too common. But, they love the man from the old KGB in many parts of Russia. Oh, so a few human rights workers are gunned down, trials are held in which justice is not exactly the norm, but the man who can wrestle his way out of any situation continues to receive high praise from the people of Russia.

He has placed a protege in the role of president of the country and the real unknown is whether the stooge can become a leader who eventually challenges the man pulling the strings of power. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Prime Minister Putin? Just keep your mouth shut and do not challenge his authority and life will be OK.

Does The Kremlin Care About Murder?

The continual attacks on human rights activists in Russia raises questions as to whether there is anyone in charge of the country who has the slightest interests in protecting the innocent from criminals. The murder of Ntalya Estemirova, a prominent fighter for human rights, makes clear that forces of oppression understand they can kill without fear of being caught, let alone tried for a crime. There is evidence the Chechen government of Ramzan Kadynov encourages attacks on those who dare raise questions about the deaths of those who oppose the little tyrant of Chechen. As mourners gathered to pay tribute to the woman who has stood up to Prime Minister Putin and his coterie of thugs, many shouted, “who is next?” A few weeks ago it was Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer who fought for human rights and is now dead at the hands of criminal assassins.

Her murder took place in the middle of the day when four men grabbed her as she entered her apartment, and threw her into a car, drove seventy miles and then dumped her body by the side of the road. It is clear they did not fear being captured or brought to justice. After all, this is Putin, Russia, in the year 2009.

President Medvedev told visiting President Obama he was committed to the rule of law. Russians who seek democracy and justice wait expectantly for Medvedev to assert his independence and end the Putin rule of violence.

Death Of Rights Activist-Death Of Russian Freedom!

Natalia Estemirova was leaving for work when four men grabbed her and the fighter for human rights into their car as she shouted, “I am being kidnapped.” A few hours later the body of one of Russia’s most prominent defenders of human rights was found by the roadside with bullets in her head and chest. Russian human rights activists once again expressed their outrage at the death of someone who fights to uncover human rights violations in a nation that is still governed by Putin’s ideas concerning justice– whatever the government does is correct and it is only justice for all to do as they are told. Ironically, the murder of this wonderful woman came a week after President Obama visited Russia and discussed with President Medvedev the importance of human rights.

Estimirova was a close friend and colleague of Anna Politkovskaya who was murdered outside of her apartment in 2006. As of this date, there is no evidence anyone who kills human rights defenders will ever be convicted, let alone see the inside of a prison. In Putin, Russia, it is not the rule of law that dominates, but the rule of the gun. The trial of those accused of killing Politkovskaya was a farce and if Putin gets around to having another trial, we can guarantee it will be an even greater farce.

Obama On Putin-Old Ways Outdated!

President Barack Obama is headed for Russia to engage in discussions both with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin about ways to move forward in securing peace in the world. He admitted to AP that Putin still retains extensive sway over Russian policy and it is necessary to work with him on any plans for future relations between Russia and the United States. However, Obama hopes Putin will put aside “the old cold war approaches to US-Russian relations” and enter a new concept of partnership. “I think Medvedev understands that. I think Putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new.” He wants to emphasize there is no antagonistic relationship between the two nations.

It might assist in moving into a new partnership if the United States would abandon its hostile anti-missile program of constructing bases on the border or Russia. Those bases are antagonistic and have no place in the modern world. The United States and Russia must move forward into a new era of partnership for peace. Obama is correct that Putin is tied to old conflicts, but unless President Obama abandons the Bush missile plan which makes absolutely no sense, then Russia is correct in maintaining the Americans are locked in Cold War thinking.

Obama Supports Medvedev On Freedom

President Barack Obama told the Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta of his firm belief that Russian President Medvedev was working to further the concept of freedom in his nation. “I agree with President Medvedev when he said that freedom is a better way of life for a country. “I see no reason why we cannot aspire together to strengthen democracy.” He also expressed his hope both nations can reduce the size of their nuclear arsenals and deal with the divisive program of former president Bush to build an anti-missile system on the border of Russia.

A key issue of human rights in Russia is the imprisonment of MIkhail Khodorkovsky whose trial is generally viewed as a kangeroo court interested in conviction rather than justice. Obama hopes that Medvedev will change the Putin oppressive actions toward those fighting for human rights. Perhaps, at some point Medvedev will challenge Putin and create a democratic society.

Don’t Get Beaten Up In Putin Russia

Hospitals in Russia offer free medical care to those who have the unfortunate problem of placing their face in the path of punches thrown by thugs who believe Prime Minister Putin is the greatest man on the planet. However, there is a limit to the kindness of hospitals to those whose face got in the path of defenders of freedom. Mikhail Beketov, an opposition newspaper man, was found last November lying in the snow near his home. He was informed a few days ago that his time of relaxation at state expense is over. He has a tracheotomy in his throat, and his blood circulation is not proper, but what the heck, who told him to get his face in the path of punches! His lawyer was fortunate not to get beaten up, they just shot and killed him in January.

Bekektov is still under police guard and the hospital decided after complaints to allow him a few more days doing nothing until he finds another place to obtain medical treatment. Such is life for editors who oppose the great man of Russia– Vladmir Putin.

Putin On Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is a man for all seasons. He paints pictures, he sings songs, he displays the latest judo moves, and he is also a man with extraordinary luck. During his watch, opponents wind up in jail on tax evasion charges, people who don’t like his manner of ruling get shot while trying to enter their home, and some even fall dead due to an injection of poison. None of these are caused by the prime minister, they just happen because he is one lucky dude. Now, to demonstrate his wide raging skills, Putin has entered the field of writing and a magazine, Russian Pioneer, is publishing his composition, “Why It’s Hard To Fire People.”

Naturally, his opponents insist the prime minister is some sort of sinister person who manhandles anyone disagreeing with his view of the world, but the real Putin is a sensitive and caring person who is gentle in firing the incompetents who surround him in government. Putin insists he calls the person into his office, looks him straight in the eye and says I have evidence you are incompetent, prove me wrong. I doubt if someone gazing into the eyes of this very lucky man whose opponents wind up dead or in jail cares to present a contrary argument. Most likely, they admit their incompetence and sigh at the fact they can actually leave the office still alive.

Does anyone doubt the missive of Putin will win a writing prize?

Who Is In Charge Of Russia?

A recent survey revealed that President Dimitry Medvedev is viewed by inhabitants of Russia as a rather minor figure in the scheme of power in his nation. Only 17% of the people actually believe he has any power while 27% of those surveyed identified Prime Minister Vladmir Putin as the power behind the throne who calls the shots and makes things work in Russia. Medvedev arrived in the presidency with high hopes that he would move the nation in a more positive direction by improving human rights and fostering a more democratic climate. However, only 32% believe there has been any improvement in that aspect of Russian life. A majority expects that Putin will once again run for president which would set up an interesting potential clash between his protege and the master.

Overall, most Russians believe their nation is moving in the right direction in foreign policy while 30% believe the domestic economy is OK. Who knows what will happen if Medvedev decides he does not wish to be a protege but a boss.

Russia Says It Is Triumphant In Chechnya

Ten years ago, then Prime Minister Vladmir Putin sent thousands of Russian troops into the secessionist republic of Chehnya and made clear they would remain until victory had been achieved. During the ensuing decade, thousands died on each side in a bloody and cruel war in which there were brutalities on both sides. Chechnya became a hotbed for insurgents because of the inept and brutal actions by Russian soldiers who abused both the enemy and innocent civilians. About seven thousand men took to the hills in 2000 to continue the fight against Russia, but as the years passed and the reality of life in mountains and constant fighting finally caught up, the men slowly went back home either with a pardon or simply out of exhaustion.

The secessionists divided into an Islamic and a Chechen nationalist group. The secessionists during the time period 1996-1999 had control over a state, but internal squabbling and incompetent leaders cost them an opportunity to present Russia with a fait accompli by letting the world see an independent and democratic society. Putin put in charge brutal local Chechen leaders who saw no problem in killing secessionists as long as they got power and money. The Chechens sold out and lost their people an opportunity for having their own state.

Is There Rule Of Law In Russia?

Dimitry Medvedev upon assuming the presidency promised the Russian people that law would be respected, but the second trial of former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky raises questions about the accuracy of that promise. Khodorkovsky challenged Medvedev to carry out the promise of an honest judiciary and create independent courts or face the prospect that people eventually will protest in the streets. He charged in court that he had been “deprived of my right to know what I am being accused of,” because the charges are vague. He has also been denied the right to have his former chief financial officer to be allowed to testify on his behalf.

Naturally, prosecutors once again trotted out charges about conspiracies and plots because in Putin Russia if an individual believes in law that means he is, by definition, involved in some sort of plot.