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Russians Protest Economic Conditions

The current economic collapse which is impacting nations throughout the world is the first serious one to hit Russia since the Putin gang took power in the nation. Putin assumed office just as oil prices zoomed and he had access to large amounts of money, but today Russia, along with other nations is feeling the impact of lower production and lower prices for oil. The Russian Communist Party believed it could draw millions in protest demonstrations in the nation. There were thousands in the streets holding signs and shouting, “Where is the money, Dima?”(President Medvedv). Viktor Ilyukhin, a Communist Party official, said demonstrators were reflecting anger in the country. “Many families are on the edge of survival, unemployment is growing.”

It will be interesting to discover if the current economic crisis can really stir anger within Russia against Putin and his crowd. Will it be enough to awake Russians from their lethargy and demand truly free elections? Only time will tell.

Power Thaw In Moscow?

In the good old days when Vladmir Putin was president of the nation, the very idea of making a critical remarks about the leader of Russia was anathema to every standard of “democracy.” President Dimitry Medvedev shocked many by urging leaders and individuals throughout the nation to discuss, debate and even make critical comments concerning government actions in handling the economic crisis. “It would not be surprising if there was criticism about the course that has been taken,” he told the nation and he made clear he welcomed any comments either positive or negative. In another departure from Putin policies, Medvedev urged changes in the power relationship between the government in Moscow and those in regions. He urged local lawmakers to share their views with the central government.

In any two person relationship in which the older one allows a younger colleague to secure power, there usually arises a time in the interaction between the two in which the younger leader seeks to assert his individuality. Has this now arrived in the relationship between Putin and Medvedev? Is Dimitry ready to tell Vladmir that he is his own boss and has his own ideas on how to run Russia?

Don’t Attack Putin, The Great Leader, Or Else!

The government of Prime Minister Putin believes in freedom of speech and freedom to demonstrate as long as the speech and the demonstration support the government. If there is one thing, the Great Leader, Putin, dislikes, is having people say nasty things about him. Vladivostok prosecutors have opened an investigation into recent demonstrations in the Far East during which banners were held up which said: “Putin Kaput,” a takeoff on World War II posters about Hitler being Kaput. Police are questioning organizers of the protest rallies and even participants in order to find out if any will admit the real aim of their statements was to do violence to the Great Leader. Many people in the Far East rely on import of second hand foreign cars which they resell and Putin’s decision to raise import duties on foreign cars had a devastating impact on the economy.

The bottom line is that Russia has the “appearance” of being a democracy, not the reality. Its leaders would be perfectly content to remain in office forever and a day and to only see adoring crowds cheering them on. In Russia, Democracy Kaput!!

Is A Sleeping Russian Bear Waking Up?

The Russian people for over a decade have been compelled to live in a society in which the ideas and decisions of Vladmir Putin decide what happens. Putin installed his protege, Dimitry Medvedev as president of the nation on the assumption he would be a good boy and do what he is told. President Medvedev may be awakening from the sleep of inertia. He warned against the emergence of an old fashioned communist style bureaucracy that became a modern version of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Medvedev said it was important for Russia to have new faces in places of authority which undoubtedly was a dig at the small group around Prime Minister Putin who run the nation.

Medvedev also told the Central Elections Commission he was disturbed concerning reports there were numerous election violations in recent voting. “If there are signs of violations they should be dealt with and looked at, and perhaps some election laws and rules should be changed.” This is among the first times he has openly raised questions about the nature of elections in his nation. Who knows, maybe the sleeping Russian bear is finally waking up to the reality Russia needs a truly democratic approach to governing.

Is Russia A Democracy?

The essence of a democracy is the right of individuals to express their views and to participate in the political arena without concern they will be subject to punishment for opposing the official government. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a famous and wealthy man who came to the conclusion he had to enter the political arena and pursue the quest to establish a democratic society in his beloved Russia. However, then President Putin was frightened that someone had financial resources to run in an election that might result in gaining victory. Since Putin ran Russia and controlled the judiciary, he had charges brought against his opponent and not only sent him to jail but took over his corporation.

President Dimitry Medvedev, a former lawyer, has promised to end corruption in the Russian judiciary. His real test case is the new trial of Khodorkovsky which shortly will begin in Moscow. If the former business leader is again convicted it sends a message that Russia does not have an independent judiciary. What will Medvedev do?

Guess Who Runs Russia?

Officially, Russia is a democracy. It supposedly is a nation which has free elections, and the people elect a president who has real power and a prime minister who allegedly reports to the president. At least that is what the official terms of the Russian constitution reveal. A year after Prime Minister Putin stepped down from the presidency in accordance with term limits for a president, almost half of the Russian people still believe he is the one who wields real power in the nation while his protege, Dimity Medvedev does something, but certainly does not act with any real power in his role as president of the nation.

Ironically, in a poll taken before the 2008 presidential election only 25% believed Putin would maintain his iron grip on power, but it is clear, Medvedev has failed to exercise the power which legally belongs to him. Only 12% of people surveyed believe Medvedev is the real leader of their nation. Welcome to Putin Russia.

Human Rights Violations In Putin Russia! Really!

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed surprise and a bit of shock concerning the recent report issued by the US State Department concerning human rights violations in the world. As we all know, in Putin Russia there are no human rights violations because Prime Minister Putin says there are none and wise people would not like to disagree with Father Putin when he speaks the truth about what is or what is not. According to Lavrov, “We have problems in this sphere(human rights) but we honestly talk about them and what’s more, we ourselves publish annual reports on the state of things there.” I assume if you talk about human rights violations that basically solves the problem.

Russian journalists have been killed and the killers go free. Russian dissidents are harassed and beaten while the government turns a blind eye. The Russian media is dominated by those who follow the straight Putin line while those attempting to present opposing views will not have much access to television.

Russia has the semblance of democracy. One can say Russian democracy is a modern version of a Potemkin village, all show and no substance.

Suspects in Human Rights Activist Murder Freed

A jury acquitted three men who were charged with the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya which is not surprising given the manner in which justice is dispensed in Putin Russia. The 12 member jury’s decision was unanimous and it was greeted by cheers in the court room. It took the jury all of two hours to find the defendants really didn’t kill anyone and as they left the men shook the hand of the slain journalist’s son who was critical of the entire investigation of the murder. After the men left the courtroom, Ilya told reporters: “I believe these men are involved in the murder of my mother.”

A lawyer for the Politkovskaya family expressed concern that authorities had done a poor investigation and they were not interested in securing a conviction. This is Putin Russia and the quest for justice is never the highest priority of those in power. Several fighters for human rights have been murdered in recent years and it is rare for any of their killer to be convicted of anything.

Putin’s Revenge Never Halts

Once upon a time in the land of Putin, there was a man who had made billions in business and then decided to turn his attention to the needs of his nation by engaging in the world of politics. Little did he realize that in Putin Russia, the man in charge decides who runs or does not run for the office of presidency and having a wealthy businessman place his name in opposition to the supreme leader of the land simply would not do. Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had created the Yukos oil company soon found himself arrested on bogus charges of criminal activity in the world of business and after a speedy trial sent off to Siberia to enjoy the wealth of that region from the inside of a jail.

He has been serving an eight year prison term and his request for a pardon was not only turned down but new charges have been level against him for embezzlement and grand theft. Most probably the only thing Mr. Kodorkovsky has stolen is a moment of freedom of expression and a desire to run for the presidency against the supreme leader and all wise man who runs Russia.

I’m The Boss Of Russia Says Putin To EU!

At a recent meeting between European Union leaders and Prime Minister Putin of Russia, tempers flared when the Russian leader expressed his anger because EU Commission chief, Jose Manuel Barros dared to discuss issues concerned with human rights to President Medvedev and Putin was not present at the session . In response to European Union concerns about the treatment of minorities in Russia or the murder of journalists, the Russian president insisted it was the EU which has been abusing Russian minorities within their borders. Putin suddenly transformed himself into the defender of minorities, migrants, and even prisoners held in jails within the EU.

The real issue is gas and Russian control over the flow of it to the west. The Putin government has abused minorities, it has a hand in the killing of journalists who dare confront the boss of Russia, and it is clear if a nation wants Russian gas it must remain silent concerning Putin oppression of people..

Oh, and no more meetings with the president of Russia unless the prime minister is present.