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Israel Rejects Qatar Relations!

After gaining its independence in 1948, a perennial complaint of Israel was refusal on the part of Arab nations to reach out for peace, instead there was anger and hostility to even recognizing the existence of the state of Israel. During the past two years, the Arab League has offered acceptance of Israel in exchange for a peace settlement based on the borders of 1967. Israel has refused these offers on ground since in the past they were willing to cooperate with Arab nations and met refusal, the only solution today is to behave just as your enemies once behaved.

Qatar has offered to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel and to even allow the opening of a trade office in its country, but Israel rejected the offer. Qatar had asked the right to rebuild Gaza, but Israel will not allow cement or building materials into the strip on ground these could be used to build bunkers or positions for missiles. Of course, that is possible, but seeking neutral supervision of the materials could prevent such use. Once again, Israel has met the enemy and discovered he is them.


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Moscow Mayor Reduces Snowfall”
Heck, in Putin Russia, just ask the government and they can do anything.

South Africa, Argus: “Muslims Support Safe 2010″
After that year, all hell can break loose.

Canada, Toronto Star: “How American And Canadian Youth Are Different”
One group speaks English and the other does not.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Italy’s Abusing Priests Exposed”
They were caught with the evidence in their hands.

Qatar, Khalleej Times; “School Launches Swine Flu Awareness Camp”
Admission is for those who bring a swine.

Egypt, Egypt Daily News: ‘London Emporium Selling Gold Bars”
You have to pay in silver coins.

Czech Republic, Prague Daily Monitor: “To Russia With Love”
All love is allowed in Russia provided Putin sanctions it.

Sweden, The Local: “Conscripts Forced To Drop Pants”
They wanted to get to the root of the problem.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Want To Get Pregnant-Just Relax”
Let the Viagra do its job.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Latest in Winter Fashions”
Winter fashions in Qatar!!


For decades Israel has argued that Arab nations refuse to accept its existence and if they would peace accords could be reached. However, although the Arab League has announced its willingness to recognize Israel and the Palestinian Authority has expressed its desire to live in peace with Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects every attempt to attain peace. Obama’s Middle Eastern envoy, George Mitchell, offered Israel an opportunity to end the current impasse. He had secured agreement from Oman and Qatar to establish relations with Israel on condition of a one year freeze on West Bank settlements. Of course, Netanyahu refused to agree and argued you can’t trust Arabs because the past is filled with failed peace attempts.

Israel has demanded from the Palestinian Authority a statement which agrees that Israel is a Jewish state. Prime Minister Salam Fayyad responded that “Israel’s character is Israel’s business and nobody else’s” Why this statement is required of Palestinians makes no sense. Of course, about 20% of Israelis are Muslims so it would be inappropriate for Arab nations to state the state of Israel is composed of Jews.

Al Qaeda May Be In Gaza Strip

Israel General Amos Yadin of Military Intelligence claimed al-Qaeda operatives most probably entered Gaza during the recent breakdown of conditions bordering on Egypt which resulted in thousands of Gazans being able to cross over into Egypt. Yadin told members of the Knesset that during the breach, Hamas was able “to bring back those who had left for training in Syria and Iran, including snipers, explosive experts, rocket experts and engineers.” He believes “copious amounts of weaponry had also been smuggled in.” Some Knesset MPs believe that Hamas is undergoing a militay remake much like Hizbuallah did in Lebanon and the result will be massive construction of bunkers and military equipment to confront any Israel invasion. They warned that Gaza might have to be held not for a few days but for months.

Yesterday, the Qatar government offered to serve as mediators with Hamas in order to resolve the situation. It believes the initial step is to cease pretending Hamas does not exist and to enter into negotiations that might result in long term peace. The Israel-Bush approach of ignoring the reality of Hamas has failed. In order to head off further explosive situations it is time to negotiate and after conclusion of such talks to create an international Muslim military force that will ensure peace in Gaza.