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Norwegian Politicians Spreads Hate!

If you live in Norway, head for the fjords because them Muslims is headed your way to spread their headscarves and funny eating habits all over the nation of Norway. Progress Party leader Siv Jensen warned that Norway is in danger of being overwhelmed by “those people” and we all know who “those people” are, don’t we? In the 1930s, “those people” were the Jews and today they are the Muslims according to the idiot lady who leads a Norwegian political party. She warns Norwegians that Muslims want to impose their ideas on the nation as part of what she termed “a subtle Islamification” of her beloved country. I bet those Middle Eastern people don’t even like to ski on the slopes of the mountains!

This courageous defender of racism promised if her party gained power it would rule under the banner of Norway for Norwegians and there would not be any special privileges for any religion. I believe she would be pleased if all Arabs hit the road to Baghdad and never came back. So, tell me, Ms. Jensen, were the present Norwegian people always in the country or did they come from elsewhere?

Facebook Hate Continues Bothering Aussies

Australia has been concerned in recent days over a rash of racial hatred comments appearing on Facebook that come from residents of the nation. Many are demanding action from Facebook about the continued racist comments directed at various immigrant groups. Among the comments that appear daily are:
‘Speak English-You are in Australia”
“F— Islam”
“Get the F— Out”
“I hate Israel”
“Respect Australia or F— OFF”
“I cannot tolerate the South African Accent”

There is no doubt individuals on Facebook are spoiling for a cyber fight in which day after day hateful language is expressed in hope of generating interest in the web site. Many comments undoubtedly come from racist minded people, others come from those who enjoy stirring controversy and getting people to their web site. The worst thing to do is ban these people, the best thing to do is allow them to spew their filth. Eventually, their stupidity will become obvious to most people.