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Send In The Clowns At UN Conference!

The Second UN Conference Against Racism got off to an auspicious beginning when the stage was taken over by a clown from Iran. Even as the foul mouthed President Ahmadinejad began speaking against racism, two men dressed in clown headgear were ejected before they could hear words being spoken about racism by a man whose nation persecutes Bahais, stones women to death, and regards Kurds as second class citizens. According to the Iranian leader, the Holocaust was a “pretext of Jewish suffering” and urged the world to take measures aim at “eradicating (Israel’s) barbaric racism.”

Among those applauding were representatives of Sudan which has killed over 200,000 people in Darfur and raped thousands of women, delegates from Rwanda whose soldiers have helped kill five million in the Congo, Saudi Arabia which does not allow other religions equal rights, Pakistan in which dozens of women have been killed for refusing to marry the man desired by their parents, and so on.

Send in some more clowns to the circus known as the UN Conference Against Racism.

Pope Backs UN Racism Summit

Although numerous nations such as the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands and Israel have indicated they will not attend the upcoming UN conference in South Africa, Pope Benedict XVI welcomed the meeting as an important step in combating racism. He expressed hope delegates will work together “with a spirit of dialogue and reciprocal acceptance to put an end to every form of racism, discrimination and intolerance.” One can only wonder if the Pope is well served by his staff because his comments ignore concerns raised by major nations which fear the exact opposite of what the Pope hopes to happen will occur. The conference will be a sounding board for anti-semitism, blaming Israel for the world’s ills and ignoring blatant racism, anti-feminism, and intolerance toward others. Iran oppresses women and discriminates against members of the Bahai faith, but that behavior will never be addressed by this conference anymore than the 5,000,000 dead in the Congo or the 200,000 in Darfur.

In the end, this conference has but one aim– attribute all problems in the world that might relate to racism to one nation– Israel. In the process, ignore those who have been killing, persecuting and destroying the basis of democracy in their nations.

A Conference On Racism By Racists

A United Nation conference dealing with how to combat racism opens on Monday in South Africa. The learned minds of the world have gotten together to identify causes of racism, and after considerable length of reflection, they have identified THE source of racism on this planet? Is it the Sudan which has killed 200,000 people in Darfur? Is it in the Congo which has witnessed the death of 5,000,000? Is it in Iran which persecutes Bahai and other minorities? Is it in Pakistan or Afghanistan where women are losing their rights? Is it in Cuba which imprisons thousands who disagree with the government? Is it in China which persecutes Tibetan and Muslim minorities? Is it in Russia where people with darker skins face discrimination? Is it in Saudi Arabia which discriminates against non-Muslims and restricts women rights? OF COURSE NOT!!

We all know there is only ONE nation on this planet which is guilty of racism! And, what is the name of the culprit? None other than ISRAEL!!

There will be no conference on racism this Monday. There will be a love fest by racists who hate Israel.

Racism In British Police Decried By Asians And Blacks

Black and Asian members of the police charge that many specialist squads are “closed shops” which are dominated by white middle-aged men who prefer those similar to their point of view that a good policeman works hard, plays hard and drinks a lot of alcohol. A new report: “Police and Racism: What has Been Achieved 10 Years After the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry? identifies continuing problems of racism including low retention of ethnic minority officers. About 6.1% of ethnic minority officers quit or were sacked in 2007 after less than six months of service compared to 3.1% of their white colleagues. A black officer who applied to work as a race and diversity trainer was told: “I’ve got my black one.”

The report also notes continued prejudice against gay officers. The famous Stephen Lawrence case involved the murder of a black man by a gang of young white men and police approached the case from the perspective that Lawrence somehow had provoked a gang to kill him.

The continuing halt and search of blacks and Asians in England continues, but it is even worse when one considers prejudice impacts who can become a member of the police, and once hired, what are opportunities for advancement.

Heck, Prince Harry goes around calling people “Paki” and “Raghead” so why should anyone expect anything different from members of the police?

Racist English Football Fans Face Punishment

British football fans have long earned a reputation for their vulgarity, anger and violence during matches in which they openly express views of opponents that are rather vicious in content and voice. Police have arrested two of 16 suspects who howled racist and homophobic chants during a game on September 28, 2008. The aim of their vicious comments was Sol Campbell, and police have decided to send a message to all the sick British football fans who believe they have an unlimited right of free speech regardless of the form and content of their verbal abuse. “We want to send a clear message,” said police, “that abuse of this kind will not be tolerated and that we are taking robust action.”

An issue is whether athletes once on the field of play have any rights regarding what is being said about them or members of their family. Can racists shout whatever they desire knowing full well athletes have no way to respond while playing football. It is time to establish some limits on what these sick individuals can express in open because in so doing, it sends a message even athletes have rights.

French First Lady Urges End To Racism

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, wife of the French president, was inspired by Barack Obama’s victory and joined with other prominent figures to urge the French people to learn from the American experience. They issued a manifesto entitled: “Oui, nous pouvons,” which means, “Yes, we can,” taken from the Obama slogan. It is a call for an end to racism in France and a new birth of freedom from prejudice. “Our prejudices are insidious,” says Mrs. Sarkozy, and the Obama victory highlights failure on the part of French people to address issues of prejudice in their society. The manifesto was written by Yazid Sabeg, a self made millionaire from Algeria, who believes Obama is very popular in France because his victory “testifies to the aspirations of all the children of France who are experiencing by proxy a recognition that France does not give them.”

Mrs. Sarkozy said the election of Obama gave her “an immense joy.” The world is basking in America’s decision to end its historic denial of rights to African Americans. Although she was born in Italy, she now feels not only part of the French nation but part of the new world being created by the election of Obama.

Is Racism A Factor In The Presidential Race?

Democratic Representative John Murtha created a turmoil yesterday by bluntly stating that race was an issue in his district and many of his constituents would vote against Barack Obama because he is a black man. He felt this was particularly true of older people who had never shaken loose from childhood experiences. Republican critics were quick to attack Murtha for daring to suggest race was an issue. John McCain insists he has never been a racist and to even infer that Americans are voting based on race is unfair.

A local Republican group in California distributed a newsletter which portrays Barack Obama on a fake $10 bill adorned with a watermelon, ribs and a bucket of fried chicken. Of course, those food items were frequently used to depict lazy and shiftless “colored folk” in the good old days of segregation and prejudice. Diane Fedele, president of the Chaffey Community Republican Women Federated which distributed the newsletter said there was no racist intent in what was printed, ‘It was just food to me. It didn’t mean anything else.”

The newsletter is simply proof of what Congressman Murtha was referring to when he said racism was present in the minds of some voters.

Racism In Norway Where There Are Few Black Faces

The state church of Norway has found itself embroiled in a conflict over the presence of one of their ministers in the town of Oppdal which is in the mountains. The local church leader has come under sharp criticism after he prevented a pastor, who originally comes from Sierra Leone, from participating in several funerals because relatives did not want a black skin pastor having anything to do with the final send off of their dead relative. Pastor Joseph Moiba has been told by local residents, that people like himself, “don’t fit in Norway” and the pastor has been physically and verbally abused. Nils-Tore Andersen, leader of the state church council, Kirkeradet, is shocked because in his view, the church should be a leader in the fight against racism.

Andersen’s reaction to family complaints concerning a black skinned man participating in funerals was “we try to meet the wishes of families in a funeral, but there’s a limit.” Andersen was upset the local pastor acceded to requests of families and barred Moiba from participating in several funerals.

Moiba is on a sick leave due to stress caused by the incidents and he fears they will resume when he returns to duty. One can only wonder how such intensity of feeling can emerge from people who have so little contact with Africans.

Is Marine Ad A Racist Statement?

A new advertisement for the Marine Corps has stirred controversy and charges it is a racist statement which insults African Americans. The ad, called Leap, depicts a young black male standing on a high diving board platform over looking a swimming pool while a narrator says, “I faced one of the toughest challenges of my life there. I couldn’t swim” but he was encouraged by his drill instructor, “so I jumped in. Unsure, apprehensive, and scared out of my mind. But, I came up a Marine” and in the ad he emerges in full combat gear. In 1995, General Mundy, then head of the Marine Corps stated on 60 Minutes that black Marines couldn’t swim as well as whites and if you gave them a compass and “send them across the terrain at night in a land navigation exercise, they don’t do as well as whites.”

One can take the assumption of the advertisement to be that African Americans should join the Marines and take a shot at getting killed in order to learn how to swim. This might well be a fascinating example of how to learn to be a swimmer, but why not simply go down to a pool and get fifteen minutes of instruction in how to swim. It’s a lot safer.

We do not believe the Marine Corps is racist, but, every so often hidden fears and prejudices inadvertently emerge. How about a white female in the next Leap ad?

No Agreement For New Conference On Racism

Diplomats are unable to reach an agreement on holding a follow up conference to the 2001 session on racism which erupted in charges and accusations that unfair focus was upoon Israel rather than addressing widespread racism issues in the world. There is concern among diplomats for the need to pursue focusng on racism, but realization a follow up to the famous Durban conference must begin with a fresh perspective that is not bogged down by the issue of Israel. The European Union took part in the Geneva preparatory session, but is still uncertain of whether to support a new conference.

The 2001 conference was marred when the United States and Israel challenged attempts by some nations to brand Israel as a racist society while ignoring the reality of widesprad racism in the world. It is time to address issues of racism in just about every nation in the world and stop pretending Israel alone is guilty of such practices. Name a nation in the world from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan to India to Gemany to France to Russia to China to Indonesia to Bolivia and so on which does not contain evidence of widespread racist behaviors?