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Rahm Emanuel-Time To Talk About Talking!

White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, told an interviewer it was not the right time for a new plan for peace in the Middle East and emphasis should shift to talking about how all sides will get together in order to talk about talking. He argued “those conversations that eventually will lead to direct negotiations” are the most important issues facing Middle Eastern nations. He described US-Israel relations as “solid and emphasized “our bond with Israel is unshakable.” Despite numerous articles which describe President Obama as disgusted by the shifting views of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mr, Emanuel claims there is an “honest relationship” between the two men.

Discussions about how to have discussions have been going on for years, but Rahm believes we need more talking. What happens when either side gets disgusted with talks about talks and resorts to violence? Will that lead to negotiations?

Is Rahm The Ram In The Shop?

President Obama has watched his popularity decline in a continual process and Democrats lose vital elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts so it is no wonder there is a search for the culprit in the wood pile. Ramn Emanuel, his chief assistance has become a focal point of complaints because of his ram rod manner of enforcing his views on one and all. Many now blame him for the political collapse of Obama and the debacle of what is now known as “healthcare reform.” There is no question that Rahm is abrasive, arrogant and believes he always knows the truth. But, then again, isn’t that the basic personality of those who surround the president–Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, etc.. Of, and isn’t it clear we now know that is the personality of Barack Obama?

The basic problem of the Obama administration is focusing on the needs of bankers and businessmen and ignoring the plight of average Americans. For decades, Republicans argued the “trickle down theory” under which make certain rich people are doing well and the goodies will eventually trickle down to the masses. Barack Obama is the first Democratic president who bought into the Republican theory.

As Shakespeare put it, President Obama, “the fault lies not in yourself, but in yourself?”