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Brazilian Rainforest Will Be Gone Says Gone Minister

Marina Silva, Minister of Evnironment in the Brazilian government, has finally decided she is unable to succeed in her battle to save the rainforest and will depart her position. In a letter to President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, Ms. Silva said her efforts to protect the rainforest were being thwarted by powerful business lobbies. “Your Excelency was a witness to the growing resistance found by our team in important sectors of the government and society” she wrote the president. Her departure makes clear that Lula has drifted away from his promises to make a vigorous effort to save the rainforest from destruction by business interests.

The worldwise boom in agricultural coomodities has created an ongoing thirst for land and energy in Brazil and the result will undoubtedly prove catastropic for the rainforest. The president has been under pressure from business interests to proceed with plans for agricultural expansion since there are billions of dollars at stake in using rainforest land.

Marclo Furtado, campaign director for Greenpeace Brazil, says “Although Lula has adppted the environment talk, the practice is development at whatever cost.” The government is already prepared to construct a massive hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River despite opposition for environment groups. Money talks and the environment walks.

Indonesian Forest Program Is A Climate Bomb!

A report from Greenpeace suggests the burning of Indonesia’s rainforests and peatlands in order to build oil plantations is releasing massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Every year at least 1.8 billion tons of emissions are released by this practice and this amounts for 4% of global emissions. “Trade in palm oil by some of the world’s food giants and commodity traders is helping to detonate a climate bomb in Indonesia’s rainforests and peatlands,” says the report. Just alone in the province of Sumatra some 3 million hectares of forest are set to be slashed and burned over the next decade. The burning of Sumatra’s peatlands which stores 14.6 billion tons of carbon would result in the release of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to a year’s total around the globe!

We inhabit a global economy in which the devil of oil driven cars and industries is leading the planet toward incredible problems during the coming decades. Indonesia is not going to cease the burn and slash policy which provides wealth to its nation until the world shifts from an oil driven economy toward one in which diverse energy resources become common.