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A Rand Paul Tea Party Program

I admire men like Rand Paul who are willing to stand up for their beliefs and trust in the upcoming Congressional elections he will present an honest program to the American people. Rand, don’t hold anything back, tell the truth, and tell it openly. So, here is a Rand Paul program fit for the ages.

1. End income taxes. I assume Rand will explain how the Three Trillion Dollar budget would be financed.

2. End Social Security and Medicare and all other Socialist ideas of the Socialist Democratic Party.

3. End the government telling us what to eat or drink. There is no place in a free America for “the government” inspecting food and drugs. If we choose to use deficient drugs, then go on the Internet and learn something about medicine.

4. Abolish the Department of Education. This government body now accounts for about 6% of school budgets. Rand, tell the people of Kentucky if they want a free America, just vote a 6% increase in local school taxes.

5. If you want to drive on a highway, fella, then pay for using the road. No more Big Government” expenditures on roads or bridges. Take some time off work and join with neighbors in building local roads and bridges.

6. I see no reason why “the government” should be inspecting planes. I have my God given right to fly on any plane, if it crashes, so be it.

7. Let’s get rid of the FBI and return to the days of our Founding Fathers when a crime committed in New York was a New York issue. If you made it to New Jersey, then you have a right to be a free man.

8. If you want to have an abortion, find a woman who handles such issues in her home, like the days of our Founding Fathers.

9. Since we have no income tax, we no longer will have to worry about having an army or navy or airforce. Then again, Rand, how about cake sales to handle the cost of our armed forces.

10. Restore my 2nd Amendment rights. If I carry my rifle into a bank, then urge bank officers to arm the tellers and urge depositors not only to bring their money to the bank but their revolvers.

11. Let’s end the un-American direct election of senators and go back to the days of our Founding Fathers when a few rich men could buy themselves a seat in the Senate.

12. Speaking of returning to the days of our Founding Fathers if you want to protect your home against a fire, get together with neighbors and organize a voluntary fire brigade.

13. Now,as for you darkies (Oops, I meant people of the African American persuasion) pick yourselves up by your bootstraps and quit asking we white folk to help out. God helps those who help themselves.

14. Now, as for the terrorist Muslims in our nation, round them up, show them the borders and say, “let my people go” back to where you folk come from.

15. Round up the 12,000,000 illegals and send them home. I’m sure now that grandma and grandpa no longer have social security they would love to clean houses or pick strawberries. It will get them out in the fresh air and keep them busy. Put it this way, it is simply a health insurance program that does not cost the American people a single penny.


Dr. No–Rand Paul — He Stands For Nothing

The Republican Party has a new star, his name is Rand Paul, an opthalmologist, whose dad i the famous Ron Paul, a man who never met a politician he ever trusted, other than himself. It is not often that Dick Cheney intensely dislikes a Republican conservative, but Dr. Paul now holds that distinction. He won the Republican primary in Kentucky for the open US Senate seat and, in so doing, defeated a conservative Republican who was backed by the establishment. Rand Paul has a list of things he does not like — abolish the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy, the income tax, and withdraw all US troops from overseas assignments. He also wants a Constitutional Amendment that bans abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Oh, on the bright side, he does favor legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

OK, Dr. No, we have abolished the income tax. Of course, about 22% of all federal expenditures deal with military expenses. We can then assume, no income tax, no armed forces. And, this is a man who wants to confront terrorism!!

Dr. No, just imagine the US economy completely in the hands of Big Business with no government supervision.