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Muslim Guardians Of Morality-Gang Rape Girl!

She was a twenty one year old college student who was headed home when halted by the local Muslim Sharia patrol who regard their task in life is to protect people in Aceh province from those spreading immorality. It is unclear whether her skirt was too short or maybe the blouse was slightly unbuttoned or perhaps it was the manner in which she did her hair, but the guardians of morality decided to detain the girl and take her to the police station. While at the police station, the young college student was gang raped by a patrol whose task was protection of morality. Norma Manalu of Aceh’s human rights group expressed her anger by noting, “they don’t have the authority to detain people, their role is to give moral advice, that’s all.”

Marzuki Abdullah, head of the 1500 sharia force emphasized nothing illegal occurred while the men were on patrol and the rape occurred after they were working enforcing sharia law. That apparently, in his view, clears guardians of vice and morality from punishment. I guess the message is detain, take to police station, wait to your shift is over, and then rape!

UK Reviews How Rape Cases Handled

Harriet Harman, the equality minister in the British Cabinet, has announced a review of the method by which police deal with rape cases. Many women groups have complained about the bias all too often displayed by police in handling rape cases. According to Harman, “we have had review after review, research project after research project, and still women are not getting the protection of the law when they are raped or suffer domestic violence.” In a nutshell, she is calling for “less talk and more action.”

Last year, 6.5% of alleged rapes led to a conviction. OK, in many cases, there might well be the issue of consent to have sex, but 6.5% merely reflects the lack of protection offered women who have been physically and emotionally assaulted. Yes, less talk, and more action is the solution!

Sexual Violence In Sweden

There are great expectations that as societies become more educated, deal with issues of poverty and develop school systems that can educate children for peace, the results would be manifested in the decline of certain crimes such as rape and sexual violence. However, even in a peaceful society such as Sweden which has not been engaged in large scale wars for over a century, the problem of sexual violence remains part of normal life.

A recent study of 2,000 Swedish girls and 1,000 boys revealed that one in three Swedish girls reported examples of harassment, threats and violence in the course of a single year. At least six percent were raped and their dignity as a human abused. Helena Blom, who helped develop the study noted: “girls are more exposed to sexual violence while boys are more exposed to physical violence.”

There is something sad about such studies in the year, 2009 when taken in nations that allegedly are peaceful in nature.


Civil wars have wracked the people of Liberia for decades so it was no surprising that hundreds fled chaos for what they viewed as peace and security in the United States. A Liberian family settled in Phoenix, Arizona and hoped the past would remain in the past. However, one day, their eight year old girl was lured into a shed by four boys, the youngest being nine, and the group proceeded to rape the little girl. Her mother was furious, as much toward her daughter for bringing shame to the family as to the boys. When police arrived, she asked them to take her daughter with them even while shouting, “nothing has happened to my daughter. Nobody touched my daughter.”

An older sister blamed the little girl for following after boys and now the girl is in limbo. The incident is really an aftermath of what happened in the civil wars. During the wars, women and young girls were raped, but communities were more prone to blame the girls for being violated as though they had the means to avoid such treatment. Liberian refugees may currently be in Arizona, but their minds have never let go of the horrors they endured.

South Africa Leads In Rape Of Women

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa was on trial for rape and during the trial his supporters marched outside chanting, “burn the bitch, burn the bitch,” referring to the woman who made the accusation. During the trial when Zuma was asked if he worried about HIV replied it was no problem because he took a shower after sex. It is no wonder in such a society one out of four men of South Africa confess to having raped a woman. Most began raping while in their teens and one in twenty admitted to having raped during the past year. According to Professor Rachel Jewkes of the Medical Research Council, “We have a very, very high prevalence of rape in South Africa. I think it is down to ideas about masculinity based on gender hierarchy and sexual entitlement of men.”

The women who are raped are being violated by men who have a high rate of HIV positive and who don’t think anything about raping women to satisfy their sexual desires. Perhaps, step one in South Africa is electing a president who does not shower after sexual encounters with women, but focuses on HIV prevention.

Democratic Republic Of Congo – The Invisible Land

The world becomes furious at the death of a thousand civilians in Gaza, the world becomes furious at the ongoing deaths in Darfur, but the world simply ignores the death of millions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Early this year, the Congo government invited soldiers from Rwanda to enter their country and wipe out members of trhe Democratic Forces for The Liberation of Rwanda (former Hutus who fled Rwanda after committing the genocide against Tutus) in hope of ending this group’s ongoing rape and killing. The operation forced some members of the FDLR to surrender, but once Rwanda troops left the rebels simply went back kto what they have been doing for years -rape and killing.

Latest reports are that at least 90 Congo women were raped and about one hundred fifty villagers killed. Unfortunately, the Congo government took into the ranks of its army former rebels and sent them on this operation. These soldiers lacked training, pay or food so they proceeded to steal, rape and kill the people they supposedly were protecting.

Cry the beloved people of Congo because no one cries for you.

Ongoing Idiocy of PM Silvio Berlusconi

The one certain prediction that can be made about the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is he will make another of his stupid and insensitive remarks before the week is over. After a recent series of rape attacks on women in Rome, Berlusconi came up with the solution– place “as many soldiers on the streets as there are pretty girls.” In defense, he argued the comment was simply made to praise the number of pretty girls in Italy. Of course, the idiot prime minister doesn’t know much about the crime of rape. It has nothing to do with the attractiveness of women, and every thing to do with the mental state of the rapist. There is no evidence rapists only single out attractive women.

Berlusconi is now talking about sending up to 30,000 troops onto the streets of Rome to prevent rape. Is it his assumption, the police of Rome for the indefinite future will be supported by thousands of troops? Rape is an act of violence, not an act deriving from seeking sex with an attractive woman. Perhaps, it is time to send Mr. Berlusconi to a psychiatrist and have him obtain information concerning rapists.

Tale Of Gay Horror And HIV

A Dutch court heard a horrible tale of how three men organized gay parties during which victims were raped and injected with the HIV virus. The men invited people they had met through Internet exchanges to a party at which raped the victims and while they were unconscious infected them with the virus. Several of the victims did not initially know they had been infected and proceeded to infect other loved ones. One witness, named Erwin, commented, “one must have incredible hatred” to do this to other people. One of the accused claimed a man named Mulder, who is a nurse, was the one who drugged the drinks of victims and then administered the HIV injections.

The Dutch men were themselves infected with HIV but they even went further to ensure their victims got the disease by the use of an injection. The men who committed this heinous act do not appear to have any remorse. They will undoubtedly go to jail for anywhere from eight to fifteen years, but the victims are sentenced to life with HIV.

The Rape Of Women-War’s Tragedy

A recent study by the UN agency, UNICEF, revels that sexual violence is spreading like a disease in many parts of Africa where there is violence. Women are increasingly becoming the first casualties of war and are compelled to spend a live in shame because enemy soldiers physically abused them. n Darfu, janjaweed militia kidnapped a 12 year-old girl and gange raped her for a week resulting in the crippling of her legs and castigating her as a woman who has shamed the community. Under Shariah law, rapded women may be prosecuted f or adultery or fornication. As Refugees International observes: “The government is more likely to take action against those who report and document rape than those who commit it.”

In the savage civil war currently raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo, rape victims take most of the blame for seemingly allowing themsevles to be captured and raped. After being raped, Congolese women are banished by their husbands and ostracized by their communities. Often they are genitally mutilated by a gunshot or tossed on a fire naked.

In cutures wher egirls and women are married off and chastity iss central to womanhood, all is lost for a woman wo loses her honor. The subsequent stigma often is a heavier burden than the assualt itself. So, it should not be surprising that most of these wounded girls and women remain silent about the assault.

The tragedy of Darfur is most impacting both young girls and women who are more likely to be physically assaulted than their husbands or fathers. The world talks about Darfur but the killing and raping continue unabated in Darfur. In the end, it is always the women who most suffer.

New Darfur Emerging In Ethiopia

A new Darfur is emerging in Ethiopia as government troops are engaged in a devastating attack upon the civilian population living in the Ogaden region of the eastern part of the nation. Troops recently entered the village of Kamuda, selected seven girls and took them away. The next day the body of one girl who was raped was found hanging from a tree. The following day another girl’s body was hanging while the other seven were never seen again. A 12 year old boy was gang raped. Each night, villagers heard knocks on their door to be greeted by soldiers in search of more women. Finally, most of the villages fled. It is estimated at least 200,000 people have left their homes in search of safety while troops burn villages, rape women and kill in the name of fighting a Muslim led insurgency. UN food destined for the area has frequently been halted. There is scant doubt a systematic program of violence and intimidation is occurring sponsored by the Ethiopian government.

Ethiopia is America’s main ally in the Cape of Horn area in Africa. The Bush administration provides arms and ammunition and coordinated American air strikes with the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia to overthrow a fundamentalist Muslim government. Most Ethiopians are Christians but the Ogaden region is mainly Muslim and many people are sympathetic towards the ONLF rebel group. The Darfur horror that is emerging is mainly caused by American assistance to the Ethiopian government. Bush can end this brutality by threatening to withhold arms and ammunition, but he will not since the “war against terror” is justified to allow any act of horror or attack on civil and human rights. Perhaps, it is time for a congressional investigation into how our assistance is a factor in rape, murder, and violence against innocent civilians.