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Admiral Mullen Blsts Iran For Supporting Mlitants

Admiral Mike Mulen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, accused Iran of “ratcheting up” the shipment of arms to Iraqi insurgents and warned that the Unted States has the power to retaliate against Iran with military power, if needed. He expressed his concern that military equipment had been found that “but recently (been) manufactured.” Both Mullen and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates are currently going to focus on diplomatic, financial and international pressure, but the military option is always on the poverbial table. Although launching another military operation would be difficult, said Mullen, “it would be a mistake to think that we are out of combat capablity.”

Admiral Mullen admitted, that while American forces had uncovered evidence that Iranian weapons were entering Iraq, “I have no smoking gun that could prove the highest(Iranian) ledership is involved in this.”

On the other hand, last week there was a meeting, which included Americans, at which time Prime Minister Maliki of Iraq praised Iran for its assistance in curbing violence. Each time American leaders “ratchet up” the Iranian card, there are reciprocal comments from Iranian leaders. Perhaps, one day, American leaders will actually sit down with Iranian leaders and deal with the overall conflict between the two natons.