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RCMP Were Spying On Women Lib Groups In Seventies

Recently uncovered documents reveal during the 1970 members of the RCMP were actively engaged in spying on women who were active in the fight for female rights. The Mounties assumed anyone who fought for women’s rights was somehow working in conjunction with Soviet agents against the interests of the Canadian government. Rita MacNeil, a Cape Breton singer was shocked to learn her name was on the list of potential subversives. In the ealy 70s she was a married woman with two children who was just about to enter her singing career but somehow she did something to arouse Mountie suspicions.

The RCMP infiltrated the Toronto Women’s Caucus in the 1960 and developed detailed files on every female in the group. MacNeil says, “I don’t think they hadms. d a reason to be following what we were doing, unless they were on to something else I didn’t know about.” Ms. MacNeil said all they did was sit “around talking about issues and going on demonstrations.” One can only assume the Mounties feared the overthrow of the Canadian government by a handful of elderly women carrying some signs. Of course, Ms. macNeil did a lot of singing and one knows songs can become the spark that leads to revolution.