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What Comes After Reagan Capitalism?

America is drawing to a close with its love affair for Reagan style capitalism and its contemporary manifestation in the personna of Ron Paul. The disaster which has impacted this nation is a direct result of policies predicated on the assumption capitalists should be allowed complete freedom to accumulate wealth in any manner they so desired. Ron Paul advocates simply rewrote American history to present a myth that historically this nation did not want “big government” to interfere with the economy. This dream interpretation of the country’s history has no basis in fact. From day one of the new nation, Alexander Hamilton created the Bank of the United States to organize the monetary system and instituted tariffs to protect businessmen. The Federal government took leadership in constructing major roads and canals. Railroads emerged due to large Federal financial aid, but to Reagan, America’s development was all due to “rugged individualism.,”

The fantasy continues when describing modern examples such as the aircraft industry which was heavily subsidized by Federal money and the Internet which was a direct result of Federal aid. So, what is in the future for capitalism?

1. We will witness a national health insurance system to finally end the disastrous free enterprise model which has left 50 million without health care. This will enable our automobile manufacturers to finally compete on the global market instead of spending $1,500 on health benefits for each car produced.
2. We will witness heavy Federal investment in new industries as was done with the computer industry.
3. We will witness a massive Federal rebuilding of the infrastructure which can only be accomplished with Federal money. Perhaps, the Ron Paul supporters can explain how this could be accomplished by “rugged individualism.”
4. We will witness strong controls over the financial industry to end the manipulation by corporations which has proved disastrous to the economy.
5. We will witness partial Federal control of banks to help straighten out the mess and then they will become joint government and privately owned.

President Franklin Roosevelt used to tell the story of the wealthy man who went for a walk on a windy day and his hat fell off. A boy retrieved his hat which had fallen into a puddle and the man berated the boy for getting his hat wet. FDR told the story to illustrate how his New Deal program was trying to save capitalists from their own greed, but all they could do was gripe and moan and complain. The Federal government is the only mechanism that can save capitalism from its own follies.

Terminator Seeks Termination Of Constitution

The economy has hit rock bottom, people are witnessing the decline of their price of homes, terrorism is all over the world, Afghanistan is in turmoil, and the situation in Iraq leaves much to be desired, but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California believes it is important for the states of America to put their problems on hold in order to change the Constitution and make it possible for foreign born individuals to become president of the United States. If the Constitution was changed, the Terminator would jump in at the opportunity to terminate any opposing candidate in order to win the election. “I am always the person that looks for the next big goal. I love challenges.” Arnold apparently believes his record as governor would be enough to earn him entry to the White House.

He points out that Ronald Reagan was right about spending time in Hollywood before entering politics. Ron once said l”if he wouldn’t have the training in acting, this would have been a very difficult job.” Let’s see, Ron as president doubled the national debt, set in motion a crazy belief in ending government controls over business, broke unions, didn’t give a damn about civil rights, helped Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran, etc…Yes, Ron and Arnie are perfect examples of how acting can cover up incompetence.

Bush Spouts Politics Of Fear In Israel

President George Bush was invited to speak before the Knesset of Israel on a joyous occasion to mark the nation’s 60th birthday, but he could not help using this occasion in order to play political games. He made clear that Barack Obama’s intention to sit down and discuss issues with leaders, including the president of Iran, was an example of appeasement. “Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals,” said Bush, “as if some ingenius argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along.” He then referred to appeasement of Hitler as an example of why that is a wrong road to peace.

Barack Obama returned the fire by commenting: “George Bush knows that I have never supported engagemnt with terrorists and the president’s extraordinary politisation of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American peoplle of or stalwart ally Israel.”

George Bush is a great admirer of President Ronald Reagan, the same man who negotiated with terrorists in his discussions with Soviet leaders. Throughout the Cold War, American presidents sat down with leaders of the Soviet Union who were aiding terrorist groups because it made logical sense. Richard Nixon initiated relations with Communist China and its leader, Mao tse-tung who most probably caused the death of over 20 million people. Was Nixon an “appeaser?” Barack Obama is perfectly correct in continuing the successful American foreign policy since 1945 of discussing issues with our enemies. As the great British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once put it: “Jaw, jaw, not war, war.”