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Afghanistan War May Last –Forever?

The war in Afghanistan is now over seven years long with no prospect of any end in the forseeable future. That means it has lasted longer than WWI and WWII combined. A new report being issued by the United States Institute for Peace predicts any attempt to establish peace in Afghanistan will most probably entail at least a decade or so. It claims there were unrealistic goals from day one of the operation and seven years later there are still no realistic goals in sight. Current plans are for shifting thousands of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan on the assumption more is better. Of course, Afghanistan is NOT Iraq and is more mountainous and geographically more difficult in fighting against guerrilla warfare insurgents.

Step one according to the report is for newly elected Barack Obama to work with military leaders and develop the semblance of realistic goals for what is to be accomplished in Afghanistan. By this time next year there might be 50,000 US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and by 2012, there might be…………?