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Darfur Rebels Defeat Sudan Forces

Darfur rebels struck back at forces of the Sudan government and overwhelmed a garrison in the town of Umm Baru near the border of Chad and drove out Sudanese troops. Naturally, the Sudan government which insists only 10,000 have died in Darfur (most estimates are the dead are over 300,000) claim they drove back the rebels. The town has been the scene of bitter fighting because the Sudan government has supported rebels from Chad in order to destabilize that nation’s government. Darfur rebels are attempting to place pressure on the government of the Sudan to force them into peace talks.

The first step to ensure peace in Darfur is for China to cease supplying Sudan with arms and to impose an embargo on goods until President al-Bashir agrees to honest negotiations and ceases saying only 10,000 have died. Perhaps, if rebel forces obtained greater support, Sudan might change its mind about peace.

Sri Lanka Tragedy Leads To Civilian Deaths

The long civil war which has caused so much death and destruction in Sri Lanka is over. The Tamil Tigers are trapped in a narrow stretch of the northeast portion of the island and are literally fighting for their lives against overwhelming force. Unfortunately, thousands of innocent civilians are caught in the Sri Lanka vise which tightens every day. Artillery continues to pound the encircled area and the UN is pleading for a cease fire in order to allow civilians to flee. The current UN estimate is over six thousand civilians have been killed. However, the Sri Lanka government is exhausted after years of war and death so it intends to go on until their enemy is completely crushed. There is no forgiveness in this government.

India has now become concerned because refugees are fleeing to their shores in search of refuge. The government of India has insisted there must be an immediate cessation of hostilities but it is doubtful their voice will change anything.

The End Draws Near In Sri Lanka War

One of the world’s longest conflicts is drawing to an end on the island of Sri Lanka as government troops have pushed the rebel Tamil Tigers into a small enclave in the northeast section of the island. Over 70,000 have died in this twenty five year civil war which has caused untold deaths by suicide bombers and dislocation of life. The United Nations says that thousands of innocent civilians are trapped inside the enclave along with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who apparently do not wish to quietly exist the stage of violence. Naturally, the rebels claim civilians wish to remain so they can get killed. Why is it that those who claim to be defending the rights of people invariably ensure the people they are protecting wind up dead?

Hopefully, leaders of Sri Lanka can take note of how Abraham Lincoln ended the American Civil War. He granted amnesty to just about all rebels and encouraged them to return to their homes and once again engage in farming and commerce. This is not the time for terrible retribution against those who rebelled.

Sri Lanka Outlaws Tamil Rebels

Sri Lankan troops just won a major victory by seizing the Tamil rebel capital and being in a position to completely end the civil war which has raged for over two decades. Instead of using its position of power to offer conciliation to the Tamil, the Sri Lankan government decided on hard policy and officially outlawed the rebels. The government ruled out any possibility of peace negotiations since it apparently expected complete victory and an end to the rebellion. Sri Lanka has refused to allow outside media into fighting zones so it is difficult to know the exact strength or desires of Tamil rebels.

The real question is whether loss of the capital will be the type of blow which ends the ability of the Tamil rebels to continue fighting. They have previously suffered severe losses only to bounce back since there are numerous sources in the world to supply them with money and arms. The taste of victory in January may be replaced in August with the bitter taste of war and death. Now is the time to make every effort to offer compromise and bring the Tamils into the government rather pushing them to the outside.

Roses For Bullets Urge Colombians

Civil war has raged in Colombia nor nearly half of the twentieth century and there is currently scant hope for any quick resolution of fighting. Well over a million Colombians clad in white and cheering, ‘No More Kidnapping” marked their independence day on Sunday with marches and concerts demanding freedom for hostages still held by leftist rebels.In some 40 cities across the land, people shouted “freedom” as they marched and sang in hope for an end to bloodshed. In Paris, newly freed hostage Ingrid Betancourt addressed rebel leader Alfonso Base with a plea: “Understand that it’s now time to stop spilling blood, that the time has come to exchange those rifles for roses.”

The people of Colombia are tired of drug lords and so-called “leftists” whose only apparent concern for the masses is how much money its leaders can amass for themselves. Perhaps, it is also time to re-evaluate the criminalization of drugs and seek new ways to end drug lords by the simple act of ceasing to make trafficking in drugs a criminal offense.

Chad Rebels Fighting In Capital

Hundreds of Chad rebels penetrated the capital of Chad as they fought against government forces. It is believed the fighting is raging just outside the presidential palace after the rebels made a lightening advance across the oil-producing African nation. Col. Thierry Burkhard, a French miiitary spokesperson, said about 1,500 rebels are now actualy in the capital. Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh, a leader of the opposition which is supporting the rebels, said the state radio has gone off the air, and “at the moment we are not hearing any firing. The rebels are in the city. Civilians are in the streets. They are watching what is happening.”

The fighting has led the European Union to delay dispatching its peacekeeping mission to both Chad and the neighboring Central African Republic. The EU forces were supposed to protect nations from the chaos caused by the Sudan government’s policies in Darfur which has led to insurgencies flowing out of Darfur into neighboring African nations. The new head of the African Union said Satrudy that the bloc would not recognize Chadian rebels should they seizee poweer. “If the rebellion succeeds cetainly we will excommunicte them from the African Union ntil normalcy and democratic institutions are restored in that country,” said Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete.

One can only support the African Union’s decision to protect democracy in Chad. But, it is confusing that no such stand has been taken against President Kibaki in Kenya who, literally, overthrew an election result through voting fraud and manipulation which has resulted in chaos in the country. Why does the AU have contradictory policies?

Chad Fighting — A Fall Out From Darfur Tragedy

Observers found charred bodies and burn-out trucks lying on the blackened grass of a a valley in eastern chad as sad reminders of the war now raging in the nation. Chad’s army claims it has finally pushed rebels fighting against the regime of President Idriss Deby Itno’s government across the border into the Sudan where they have bases. General Itnok, Chad’s commandeer in chief of the armed forces, pointed to ruined buildings as proof that his troops were victorious in the fighting. Warfare resumed after the collapse on October 25th of a peace accord and now there are three rebel factions fighting against the government. A UN force of about 3,700 soldiers is shortly expected to arrive in order to maintain order and protect humanitarian groups who are trying to feed those caught in this tragic event.

The war in Chad is partially a result of the tragedy in Darfur. The government of the Sudan has unleashed murderous thugs to harass and kill people in the Sudan which, in turn, has opened the door for other irregular forces to appear on the scene. Rebels utilize bases in the Sudan to cross the border into Chad and create disruption and chaos. The inability of the UN or of the African Union to provide an effective fighting force that could crush such military ventures is producing a humanitarian crisis in Africa as thousands again are being uprooted and forced to flee to the safety of Un refugee camps. There is little doubt of an African need for an international army that could enforce peace in many parts of the continent in which violence runs wild.

Turkish Business Leaving Northern Iraq Fearing War

As rumors continue circulating about a potential armed thrust into the Kurdish region by Turkish troops in hot pursuit of Kurdish rebels, Turkish businessmen are packing up to go home. There are extensive projects in Kurdistan that are operated by Turkish businessmen, but according to Ahamd Ajar, head of the Turkish Businessmen Society, “Major companies are ending their work in northern Iraq on the way to return home.” This ending of business follows on the heels of Iranian businessmen being forced to halt activities due to American pressure and closing of border crossings from Kurdistan to Iran. Kurds estimate they are losing at least a $1,000,000 a day because of American actions against Iran.

There is apparent need for the United States and representatives of the Kurdish semi-independent government to reach some agreement that would end attacks by Kurdish rebels in Turkey. These continued attacks which result in death of Turkish soldiers and civilians only serves to heighten tension. There is also need for the United States to cease interfering in the affairs of Kurdistan by deciding who can do business on their territory. The Kurds apparently want an Iranian business presence and should have that right.

Rebels Blast Africa Union Camp In Darfur

A thousand men and at least 30 vehicles crashed into an African Union camp in Darfur killing at least 10 and kidnapping at least 50 in the latest episode of how the world refuses to take a strong stand against brutality in Darfur. A spokesperson for the African Union commented: “Our camp has been destroyed. There is a feeling of shock.” The are reports the attack was launched by a renegade rebel group anxious to make a reputation for itself. The region still awaits the arrival of 26,000 UN troops to help end the massacre of the innocent and rape of the defenseless women of Darfur. One might raise the issue of why aren’t American and European Union helicopters and fighter planes patrolling the area?

Perhaps, it is a stretch to link Iraq to the Sudan, but America’s commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan preclude being able to assist in areas of the world where death and destruction await those without weapons.