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Is Turkey Drifting Towards Rigid Islamic Ideas?

The Justice and Development Party of Recep Erdogan controls Parliament and the government while attempting to place the military firmly under its control. Historically, the military has been a bastion of secularism, but Erodgan is pushing forward on trials that seek to prove military leaders attempted to overthrow the government in order to prevent a Muslim centered political party from gaining complete control of all government bodies. Prime Minister Erdogan now seeks to place before the public several constitutional amendments that would place the judiciary under the government’s control. If he achieves this goal, then Turkey may take the next step and introduce Muslim laws like sharia.

There is no doubt at this point, a majority of the population supports the Justice and Development Party, but at least one third of the nation is staunchly secular and would become fearful if the Erdogan plans are accepted. Passage of such amendments would also ensure rejection by the European Union of any Turkish application for membership. Is it time for Erdogan and Islamists to take a step backwards?