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Fox News Once Again Airs Lies!

Truth is a stranger who has never knocked at the door of the Fox News organization. Fox News displayed its ignorance once again by lambasting Canada for failing to do its fair share in the fighting in Afghanistan. Greg Gutfeld, host of “Red Eye” thought he was cute by making satirical comments concerning the incompetence of Canada’s military for daring to suggest its armed forces would need some recuperation time after completing its current assignment in Afghanistan. Among the insulting remarks was the suggestion that Canada depended on the USA for its security. The show aired just as the bodies of four Canadian soldiers were returned to their homes after they fell fighting in Afghanistan. Fox apologized and said they did not mean to insult Canadian soldiers.

Among the panelists who displayed ignorance was one who said he never knew there were any Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Actually, Canada has lost 116 soldiers fighting in Afghanistan which is about one seventh the total of Americans who died.

Ignorance of our northern neighbor should not shock anyone, particularly those working for Fox news that paragon of ignorance. By the way, “Red Eye” did you know there were Canadians fighting in Europe during WWII before any Americans showed up and that thousands of Canadians landed on D-Day? Where ignorance is bliss there appears another talking head at Fox news.

If stupidity was a virtue, the entire Fox network would be saints in heaven.