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The Under Reported Tragedies Of Iraq-Losing Homes In USA

Among the most ignored stories related to the war in Iraq is its impact on the lives of those who serve abroad while being screwed at home. Rep. Bob Finer, Dem. Calif, has become interested in the impact of the housing crisis upon members of the military. The American dream is owning one’s home, but at a time of war, this can be a terrible burden. “We all know this dream can become a nightmare,” Finer recently told a group,”especially for our veterans who are on deployment.” San Diego Country is home to 110,000 active duty military members and since January of this year it has witnessed a doubling of mortgage defaults. Pamela Beard of the Housing Opportunities Board repeatedly encounters situations like the National Guardsman who experienced an income drop from $60,000 a year to $20,000 a year when ordered into active duty. His mortgage payment rose from $1,200 a month to $2,500.

The US government must begin to address issues being faced by those on deployment. It is necessary for the VA to become a major source of refinancing funds for those who have been called to active duty. WWII veterans received low cost housing loans, something which should be brought back during this current crisis.