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Iranian Reformer To Run For President

The Iranian economy is suffering from high unemployment and staggering 29 percent inflation rate. President Ahmadinejad has isolated his nation in a mad quest for developing atomic energy. Large sectors of the Iranian nation seek change, but under current rules it is difficult to have a viable candidate. Mehdi Karroubi, leader of Iran’s reformist National Confidence party has announced he would seek the presidency in an effort to alter the direction of his nation from an over emphasis on foreign policy conflict to one which deals with issues of concern to the average person. The cleric who was speaker of Parliament in the 1990s, said he wanted to focus on the economy and defending “people’s legitimate liberties.”

Iranians are still waiting to hear about the decision of Mohammad Khatami who was a mildly reformist president several years ago who continually encountered problems from clerics who would prevent his efforts to liberalize the economy and restore basic freedoms to the people. The success of any reform candidate depends on what clerics such as the Supreme Leader Khamenai decide.