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Day Nine Of Cyclone Disaster-One US Plane Allowed

The people of Myanmar have waited for nine days for their government to indicate the slightest concern for their welfare, but, aside for two UN planes that landed, the military junta has been hesitant to make any concessions to world opinion. But, out of the blue, the thugs who govern Burma finally granted permission for a single US plane loaded with supplies to land with supplies. The UN estimates due to failure on the part of the Burmese government to act responsibily, at least 100,000 people will die because of the cyclone and the botched relief effort. Donors throughout the world have sent enough supplies to last for months but nothing is moving due to refusal on the part of the junta to allow in UN relief workers to supervise distribution of supplies and reconstruction work.

The UN has reached the point where it has absolutely no faith in the integrity of the Burmese government or its statements about the cyclone. The junta seized aid in the two UN planes that landed and allowed their own workers to distibute supplies in an effort to claim credit for any aid received by people. At this point the main concern of the junta is having a vote on their constitution which would legalize their dictatorship and imcompetence.