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Did Sweden Assist US Rendition Program?

The right wing media continually decries “socialism” as a concept which is antithetical to the fight against terrorism and insists socialists are soft on al-Qaeda and other such groups. It now appears the Social Democrat government of Sweden actively assisted the American rendition program which secreted men accused of being terrorists in foreign jails. Two prominent left wing Swedish legislators are calling for an investigation how Swedish authorities knew the CIA was landing planes in Sweden that carried suspect terror suspects on their voyage to a prison. Hans Linde and Alice Astrom argued: “in this situation, one would expect a strong protest from the Swedish government,” but the government remained silent about CIA operations in their nation.

The ironic aspect of their protest is that information concerning the CIA rendition program in Sweden has been reported by the media while the government remains silent. The legislators want a full scale investigation as to why Parliament did not investigate rumors and allowed their national territory to be used in clandestine spy operations.

British Cooperated With Bush Rendition Program

British forces In Iraq handed over two terror suspects to the American officials who then flew the men to Afghanistan where they were interrogated. The British Defense Secretary admitted this happened in 2004. The disclosure contradicts claims by the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown government that their nation was never involved in any such activities. John Hutton, Defense Secretary said “the US Government has explained to us that they were moved to Afghanistan because of a lack of relevant linguists necessary to interrogate them effectively in Iraq. The men were classified as “unlawful enemy combatants.” Hutton now says, ‘it is clear to me that the transfer to Afghanistan of these two individuals should have been questioned at the time.”

It is fascinating a reason is offered concerning the lack of qualified linguists in Iraq. If this was true, it speaks volumes about the lack of planning on the part of the Bush administration for their invasion of Iraq. One would assume they realized in planning the invasion there would be need for linguists in Arabic. But, then again, we are discussing George Bush, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

German Wins Rendition Case Against CIA

The long nightmare for Americans will not be over for many years since it will require time to digest the Bush violation of Constitutional and international human rights. Khaled el-Masri, a Lebanese-born German national, was abducted by the CIA in Macedonia in 2004 and flown to Afghanistan to be interrogated on terrorism charges. The court awarded Masri nearly a million dollars in compensation for the abuse he endured. He was a victim of the CIA rendition program which resulted in him being beaten and bullied for nearly five months while being held in Afghanistan. CIA agents could not terrorize individuals in America so they were sent to foreign locales where people were not protected by constitutional procedures.

Mr. el-Masri also filed a lawsuit against the United States but the Supreme Court upheld the decision to reject the case on national security grounds. It is important for the soul of America to bring to justice all officials in the Bush government who created the rendition program and subject them to legal procedures as a warning to others that justice will triumph over those who violate the Constitution.

Swedish Officials Linked To CIA Operations

The true story of the Bush authorized violation of human rights has yet to be written, but in the latest episode two prominent Swedish officials are now trapped in a situation in which their statements about rendition of two individuals most probably are wrong. Former Justice Minister Thomas Bodstrom and former prime minister Goran Persson in 2001 denied they knew there was a CIA connection to the deportation of two terror suspects, but a new book indicates they probably lied to a constitutional committee about this issue. Bodstrom stands by his view that he lacked knowledge the CIA would step in when the two men were deported. he insists it was not wrong to cooperate with another nation in dealing with the deportation of a suspected criminal.

The problem with Bodstrom’s view is that so far at least 24 individuals have finally been released from Guantanamo who most probably were imprisoned for up to seven years without the slightest evidence they had committed a crime. Mr. Bodstrom may never know whether or not he sent an innocent man to torture or death by cooperating with the CIA.

CIA Lied To Danish Government About Rendition Flights

A Danish TV documentary aired on Wednesday night has created a storm of protest from Danish government officials and the general public. “The CIA’s Danish Connection” alleges flights operated by the American Central Intelligence Agency used Greenland airports as key refueling points when transporting terrorism suspects without seeking permission from the Danish government. According to the program, at least one of the flights was piloted by an individual who was connected to the kidnappig of a German citizen. The German, Khaled al-Masri, has charged he was kidnapped in 2004 by CIA agents and held for five months in a US operated prison in Afghanistan.

The CIA has left the Danish government holding the proverbial bag. Danish officials have repeatedly told members of parliament that no American flights involved in the rendition of alleged terrorists ever passed through Danish territory. After viewing the documentary, Foreign Minister Per Stig Mailer commented: “This is evidence that I haven’t seen before. The evidence shows that the US has used civillian aircraft for government flights.”

The Danish government issued a statement to the nation: “There should be no doubt about what the govenment’s position. We do not see lightly on illegal transports. The govenment is categorically opposed to actions that violate the detained’s rights– including illegal prisoner transports.”

Riht wing American pundits undoubtedly will begin their mantra about the “ticking bomb” which necessitated lying to the Danes. It is pleasant seeing a government when confronted with evidence accepting responsibility and pledging the mistake will not be repeated.

Torture On Rise In Egypt, Claims Nadime Center Report

El Nadime Center for the Management and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence issued a report on torture in Egypt which documented state organized torture of opponents of the regime of President Mubarak. Included in the report is testimony from victims of the 2004 security raids conducted in Al-Arish following the Taba bombings. At that time, 3,000 people were detained, including women and children who were arrested to force their male relatives to come forward. The report also documents the experiences of farmers in the village of Sarando who were subjected to a two-week police campaign to evict them from their own land. The end of the report includes a table with the names of 272 policemen accused of torture by their victims. It details where and when the torture occurred, the victim’s identity and which organization documented the incident. Lawyer, Ahmed Seif El Islam of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center which handles torture cases, told the press “we will distribute this list widely to public prosecution offices and provide evidence which can be used in the prosecution of torturers– if there is a willingness to do this.”

It should be noted that under America’s rendition program individuals accused of being terrorists are frequently sent to Egypt for “interrogation.” The CIA and other agencies involved in the rendition program know as well as anyone that torture is a common occurrence in Egypt. Naturally, the Egyptian government and its press allies insist the report is not accurate and is merely an attempt to discredit the Egyptian government and nation.