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EUK Bishop Calls On Gays To Repent

The Bishop of Rochester created a minor outrage among gays and lesbians when he insisted that “traditional teaching” of the Bible must be upheld and this means that those with unusual attitudes toward sex just don’t belong in Christianity. His comment to homosexuals was “we want them to repent and be changed.” The good bishop, Michael Nazir-Ali, undoubtedly represents all that is good and worthy in the Christians religion and his direct line to God ensures he knows what the Big Guy up in the sky wants in terms of sexual behaviors. Sharon Ferguson of the Lesbian and Gay christian Movement believes his comments endanger the future of the Church of England.

Perhaps, both Ms. Ferguson and the good Bishop of Rochester miss a point. He calls upon gays and lesbians to repent, but for some reason he does not call upon those who torture prisoners to repent, he does not call on those who engage in hate campaigns against Muslims to repent, he does not call on bankers and stock brokers who robbed billions from ordinary people to repent.

I just wonder, is God more interested in gays repenting or is more interested in those who kill and torture to repent? I’m just asking because I lack phone connection to the Big Guy in the sky.