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Aussie Green Party Urges Republic

The Green party of Australia is proposing that in tune with the 2010 election there should be an opportunity to vote whether or not the people of the nation prefer being a republic and cease having an official connection with the United Kingdom. The Australian Republic Movement chairman, Michael Keating, said it is time to move toward cutting official connections with the monarchy and creating a republic which is completely Australian. However, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy say it would be a waste of money since most Australians prefer having a connection with the monarchy. Mr. Keating argues it is time to forge an identify beyond being an “appendage of somewhere else.”

Most Australians still respect and admire the Queen but waiting in the wings is Prince Charles and his loony children like Prince Harry who goes around insulting Asians and thinks it is perfectly OK to wear a Nazi armband to a party. Of course, his grandmother witnessed the death of hundreds of thousands of British citizens by men wearing such armbands.

Most probably, this is a storm in a teacup and creating a republic will not lead to significant change other than a mite bit of pride.