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The Republican party out of power enables its leaders to clearly demonstrate the only concern of Republicans is maintaining power. The current political debate in which Republicans have failed to announce a single logical idea dealing with the need for health care in America enables the nation to finally understand it has been years since Republicans expressed a concern for their nation and its issues. For example:

1. Republicans insist Barack Obama’s health care proposal is an example of “socialism.” Actually, there are only two clear examples of socialized medicine in the world — the British National Health Insurance plan and the American Veterans Administration health care plan for veterans. VA doctors are hired by the Federal government and they provide health care based on government decisions and guidelines. Most veterans believe they receive good care and drug costs of the VA are much lower for its clients than drug costs for those in other health plans. Is the Republican Party opposed to continuance of the VA health program?

2. The Republican Party has failed to issue a single idea on how to provide health care for the forty five million without health insurance other than George Bush’s famous remark they can go to the Emergency Ward. America awaits a Republican plan about dealing with those lacking health insurance. Will it ever come?

3. The key topic among Republican talk show hosts this week deals with– is Barack Obama a real American born citizen and the behavior of a Harvard professor and a policeman. Aside from being the silly season, these are non-issues when our nation needs leadership.

4. This generation of Americans is not familiar with the greatness of the Republican party and its advocacy of ideas to deal with important issues. For example:
a. Theodore Roosevelt is the one who began national conservation.
b. Theodore Roosevelt and Republicans like Senator Bob LaFollette urged legislation to allow the Federal government to regulate large business. Among the ideas coming from Republicans were child labor laws, regulation of working conditions, the right of Americans to join unions, regulation of hours women worked, tenement housing laws, etc.. Yes, my friends, this is what REPUBLICANS USED TO FIGHT FOR IN AMERICA! Today, they are concerned about birth certificates.
c. In 1940, after Wendell Wilkie lost the presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt, he became an envoy for the president, traveled the world working for America and wound up writing a book entitled, “One World.”
d. It was Dwight Eisenhower in his last speech who warned America about the “military industrial” alliance which threatened this nation. By the way, Eisenhower was the only president in the past fifty years who CUT the military budget.

If you really are a Republican, head for the nearest door.


The Internet’s hot ticket these days revolves around two important issues — is Michael Jackson really dead and is Barack Obama really an American citizen. These topics illustrate the state of the Republican party. In the midst of a health care crisis, economic dislocation, and need to create jobs the only jobs being created by Republicans is for detectives rambling around Hawaii in search of a birth certificate or waiting for a midnight visit to a graveyard. The other day a CNN reporter presented concrete evidence that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii but the following day, CNN reporter? Lou Dobbs wondered if we could finally get at the truth concerning the birth of Obama.

Perhaps, it is my left wing bias, but I will assume Barack Obama is an American just as I will assume George Bush has a hotline to God. What has happened to the party of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Robert Taft, Dwight Eisenhower, and– believe it or not, Richard Nixon! Let’s examine Republican beliefs.

1. Republicans argue national health care is a “socialist idea.” But, national health insurance is found all over the world both in capitalist, semi-capitalist, and socialist societies.
2. Republicans argue Social Security is “socialist.” But, social security initially was developed by Otto von Bismarck, an arch conservative leader in Germany as a means to FIGHT SOCIALISM!
3. Republicans argue national health insurance will result in bureaucrats making medical decisions. Huh! At present, health insurance bureaucrats make medical decisions every day in every way.
4. Republicans argue Barack Obama has created massive federal deficits. In 2000, George Bush inherited a balanced budget from Bill Clinton and the national debt was $5 trillion and under Clinton the process of paying it off had begun. When Bush left office eight years later, the annual budget ran a deficit of close to a trillion and the national debt was $10 trillion.

The tragedy is lack of any desire on the part of Republicans to work in a cooperative fashion with Democrats to create a new health insurance scheme that incorporates both free enterprise and a national health insurance plan.

The best explanation for what has happened to the Republican party is that it is now clear the ideas of Charles Darwin are incorrect. How can anyone argue there has been human evolution when the first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln and the current favorite of Republicans is Sarah Palin?

FLASH! Abe Lincoln-Teddy Roosevelt Resign From GOP!

At a hastily called press conference by the Angel Gabriel, two former Republican stalwarts announced to the shocked members of the media they were resigning from the Republican Party. Mr. Abraham Lincoln said he was shocked at the failure of current day Republicans to stand for moral principles and termed their current leaders as devoid in any ideas other than reducing taxes and giving special breaks to the wealthy. “What has become of the Republican Party which once led the nation in the fight to ensure all men were created equal. As I listen to Ron Paul or George Bush or this creature of the night, Rush Limbaugh, there only concern is what benefits the wealthy members of our society. I am amazed that a Republican can sanction torture and abuse of prisoners! We fought a war in which 500,000 died, not 3,000, but never once did any military leader come to me urging torture. Shocking!”

Former President Theodore Roosevelt expressed anger that his party has become the ally of the wealthy. “I broke up the trusts. I intervened to ensure coal miners got their rights. I made certain the malefactors of wealth understood the American government was not their servant. My goal was to have a strong federal government that regulated business to ensure there was an even playing field for all who sought to employ their talents in the quest to develop our economy.”

Mr. Roosevelt was quite upset at the lack of rallying around the president in a time of crisis. “Our nation’s economy is in serious crisis and not a single Republican member of Congress will work with their Democratic colleagues!! Where is the spirit of patriotism?” He announced his support for the Obama program of peace in the Middle East and acting carefully to avoid creating problems in Iran. “In the early 1900s, when the San Francisco School Board announced they were segregating Japanese children, I summoned that damn fool mayor and told him bluntly the United States wanted to have peaceful relations with Japan. After expressions of Japanese anger, I calmed things down. Yes, Mr. Obama is correct. Only employ a nation’s power as the last, not the first, resort.”

The Angel Gabriel will allow current Republican leaders in respond to these comments.

Descending Stars Of Republican Party?

The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower has become the laughing stock of the world after the latest episode in “Rising Stars” being transformed into flickering specks descending into the dark holes of space. Senator John Ensign was discovered shacking up with a member of his staff who was married to another member of his staff, Senator Larry Craig has an unfortunate episode in a men’s room in Minnesota while his colleague, former senator Norm Coleman of that state, has doomed his party in the eyes of inhabitants by an ongoing series of law suits seeking to deny Al Franken the victor in an election the right to obtain his senate seat. Of course, out in the wilds of Alaska Sarah Palin is shooting moose or squirrels in order to prove she is as good as any man in the Republican party. Of course, these days, she would be better off proofing she was better than any woman in the party when it comes to intelligence. Then again, she might be better off shooting moose.

But, to top off this conglomeration of ineptitude, Governor Mark Sandford of South Carolina has returned from his supposed trip hiking on the Appalachian Trail to reveal he wasn’t hiking at all, but wandering around some unknown destination in Argentine. He lied to his wife, he lied to his children(on Father’s Day, no less), he lied to his staff, he lied to the Lt. Governor, and he certainly lied to the people of his state. Another “rising star” of the Republican Party is now a dark shadow in the wilds of Argentine.

Oh, we forgot the ongoing rising star of Bill Bennett, that paragon of supposed intelligence who complained to the media that President Obama was not adopting a forceful stand on Iran and should do something bold like sending phone cards and Xerox machines to the youth of Iran. Exactly how the Xerox machines would be delivered is unclear although there are rumors they might be sent via a ship from Argentine. Ah, now we know why Governor Sanford was in Argentine!

When Will Republicans Ever Learn?

The Republican party was dealt a defeat this past November by the American people and one message that was sent is the fatigue felt by most people in the United States over divisive politics which focuses on personality rather than ideas. Over the weekend, the American media reported the story of Chip Saltman, who seeks to assume leadership of the Republican party and sent a DVD entitled, “Barack The Magic Negro” which was a compilation of songs critical of liberals and entitled, “We Hate The US.” Mr. Saltman’s defense was the songs aired on the Rush Limbaugh show which he apparently believes makes them valid in content or form. He argued anyone would understand the songs were satirical and were not meant to offend anyone.

Once upon a time, the Republican party was led by outstanding individuals like Wendell Wilkie, Thomas Dewey, Robert Taft, and Dwight Eisenhower who believed there was a conservative political and philosophical response to liberalism. They did not believe to be a Democrat meant an individual was less of an American. But, today, the Rush Limbaugh mentality associates difference of opinion with treason. Rush believes his ideas embody what is necessary in this nation.

The nation’s economy has collapsed, most are disgusted with Bush ideas on foreign policy, but to some Republicans the answer is mocking the president and their opponents with smears about not being loyal Americans. We all recall how George Bush denounced anyone who denied the right of the president to do as he wished as being disloyal Americans. Fortunately, Barack Obama will not get into the dirt and filth of the Rush Limbaugh wing of the Republicans party. As Saul Annuzis, Republican party chair in Michigan said of the DVD: “in my opinion, this isn’t funny and it’s in bad taste.”

Sarah Palin And The Forces Of Cultural Division

Millions of Americans watched anxiously as the previously unknown Governor Sarah Palin delivered her acceptance speech for the vice presidential nomination. After glowingly introducing her lovely family, the Alaska politician got down to the real issues confronting American society. Unlike, most political analysts and societal leaders, Governor Palin identified the issues that most concern the American people– the elitist media and the elitist politicians who are in Washington D.C. Of course, many might argue that health care or rebuilding our infrastructure rate some comment, but people with such views are merely naysayers and spokesmen for gloom. If Sarah Palin and John McCain can be elected they will drive from Washington D.C. all those elitist members of the media who are responsible for unemployment, astronomical deficits, and a disjointed foreign policy.

Sarah Palin boasts of her wonderful record as a mayor and a governor. She noted her opposition to the famous bridge to nowhere, but decided to leave out the fact she originally supported the bridge to nowhere. Her energy program is very innovative unlike those proposed by Obama and Biden. Governor Palin wants to drill, drill, drill because finding more oil is the best way to get Americans off their dependence on oil.

Many Obama supporters display their lack of patriotism by failing to recognize the enemy facing America is not some group of terrorists, but the liberals living in New York and Chicago and the notorious San Francisco. Sarah Palin knows once John McCain becomes president he will close down the flesh pots of New York and San Francisco and move inhabitants to Alaska where those effete people can finally get into the outdoors and shoot some bears or moose. Governor Palin knows the real issues of this campaign, and no amount of Obama propaganda will prevent the American people who lack health care of jobs or are unable to pay for drugs from understanding that when all is said and done, a vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for continuing to lack these essentials.

And, let me make this clear, anyone who dares attacking John McCain will be sent a video containing his famous speech which begins with the powerful lines, “when I was a prisoner in Vietnam and being tortured……” Just remember, neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden have the experience of being tortured. Of course, there is that minor matter that John McCain voted against ending torture of prisoners in the American military.

Republicans Wrap Selves In American Flag!

Republicans attending the second night of their convention were treated to a series of speeches by individuals such as Fred Thompson, Joe Lieberman, and George Bush who made clear their party stood for America, unlike the traitors who inhabited the Democratic party. President Bush made clear that Senator McCain would stand up against un-American “left wingers” who wanted to tear down the nation. Fred Thompson ranted on and on about liberals who were destroying the nation and the importance of taking back the country from those anti-Americans.

During the election of 2004, Republicans tore to pieces and smeared the reputation of John Kerry who actually fought in the Vietnam war, but last night they boasted about the patriotism of John McCain who essentially spent the war under horrendous conditions as a prisoner. One can only assume to Republicans, Vietnam War heroes in 2004 were traitors but in 2008, they are heroes. John McCain tactics to win the election are quite clear, he will wrap himself in the flag of America and dare anyone to say a negative word about him under penalty of being accused of insulting the flag.

The Republican party is not going to change its stripes. It will resort to any smear, denigrate the patriotism of any opponent and grab ownership of the word “patriot.” It is also apparent John McCain is running against the Bush administration even though he supported the president on 90% of the issues. A foreign observer could only be struck by a campaign conducted by the party in power to attack itself in order to claim it really isn’t the party in power but represents the opposition!

Future historians will have a field day writing books about John McCain who attacked his opponent for lacking foreign policy experience and then selecting as his running mate a governor who has absolutely no foreign policy experience. Of course, lost in expressions concerning “foreign policy experience” is whether that experience was based on being correct about events in the world.