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On Welfare Queens, Brain Turmors-Republican Politics!

Ronald Reagan made the issue of so-called “welfare Queens” an important point during his election to the presidency claiming many women on welfare were living a luxurious life at the expense of the government. Lidsay McCreith who is suing the Ontario government on ground it failed to provide him immediate medical treatment for a brain tumor is collaborating with independent filmmaker Stuart Brownng and a former Rudy Giuliani adviser, Dr, David Gratzer, to portray national medical plans as failing to meet the needs of people. The film has been seen by over two million on YouTube.

McCreith claims he was mistreated by the Ontario medical system which made him wait for an operation compelling him to go to Buffalo, New York, in order to save his life. McCreith has now transformed himself into an expert on the entire Canadian medical system. The typical Republican ploy is identifying one or a few cases and then portraying them as proof nationalized health care is not working. Of course, how many thousands of poor Americans had to wait for medical treatment? How many people in America lack any form of health insurance and learn much later than those with such coverage about life-threatening disease? Unfortunately, poor Americans lack money or time to cooperate with YOuTube filmmakers on films about their medical plight.