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No Time Out Time For Republican Crazies

It becomes increasingly clear that right wing talk hosts and members of the Republican party have reached the conclusion that relentless anger and hate directed at President Obama eventually pays off. After all, many believe where there is smoke, there must be fire. Occasionally, a voice of reason can be heard in Republican ranks such as that of Newt Gingrich who noted that Republican presidents Reagan and Bush had also made speeches to school children urging them to work hard. Right wing nut cases like Beck and Limbaugh are urging schools to boycott the president’s speech on grounds that he is propogating Socialist ideas.

Rush has a point. It definitely is Socialist, not Republican, to urge students to read books and learn from them. After all, for Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck, the idea that one could learn from reading historical works is undoubtedly an attempt to brainwash Americans into supporting the idea children should go to libraries and read.

In the world of Republican crazies, actually reading historical works for information rather than listening to the rants of nut cases is an example of how some children have been brainwashed by the liberal establishment.

Where ignorance is bliss is where you will find a good Republican.

Obama Out Plays Republicans

The Republican party believes an opposition should focus on important issues such as the cost of an airplane flight that brought President Obama and his wife to New York to see a play. Of course, no Republicans complained when former President Bush flew back to his Texas ranch to chop wood. The president nominated an outstanding Republican, Representative John McHugh, to become the new Secretary of the Army. McHugh worked with Democrats to ensure the military obtained pay raises when Bush was complaining about the high costs of paying for the armed forces. He urged an increase in the size of the Army to deal with long deployments for those on active duty.

Dick Cheney is ranting all over America, Newt Gingrich is complaining about spending for a stimulus package, and most Republicans believe the most important fight of the first decade of the 21st century is over confirmation of a Puerto Rican born Supreme Court candidate. Keep it up Republicans if you seek permanent minority status.

Spectre Of Democratic Senate Majority

Republic Senator Arlen Specter has left his party and joined the Democrats which will shortly ensure that President Obama has the necessary 60 votes in the Senate to push through his program without worrying about a filibuster. Naturally, Republicans decried Specter as a traitor or as one termed him, a “leftwinger” who has gone over to the other radicals in the Democratic Party. There is scant doubt that Specter’s moderate voting record was viewed by most Republicans as “liberal” if not “radical.” Republicans are trapped in the rhetoric of people like Rush Limbaugh even though most Americans have moved to the center, not the left.

Eventually, the Minnesota courts will allow Al Franken to assume the seat to which he was elected and thus provide the 60th vote for Democrats. Spector looked in the mirror and realized he would never win the Republican primary so he did the intelligent thing and became a Democrat. In essence, he joined America and left the yahoos of ignorance in the Republican party.

John McCain– Is He the Real McCoy?

John McCain contnually portrays himself as an “underdog” who stands up to powerful interests in the nation and the Republican party. On one hand, he revels in the role of being a maverik and, on the other hand, insists he is a true conservative. Ironically, despite a solid conservative voting record, the closer he gets to the nomination, the more angry are right wing Republicans. Rush Limbaugh, is among the chief McCain-bashers. Within hours after the conclusion of voting on Super Tuesday, he lambasted the senator for his allegedly anti-conservative positions on a raft of issues ranging from immigration to tax cuts. He even hinted at voting for a Democrat in November. “One question I asked myself: if, if, if, if down the road you think the election of Obama, Hillary ofr McCain is going to result in very bad things happening to the country, who would you rather get blamed for it?”

Tomorrow night, John McCain will stand before 6,000 foot soldiers of the conservative revolution at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and will most probably get a frosty reception. He refused to attend the group’s meetings in the past, but now will appear. He probably will promise to appoint conservative judges, wage a vigorous war on terrorism and stand firm on Iraq.

Is John McCain a maverik? Does he stand against special interests? There is not the slightest piece of evidence McCain is anything other than a conservative Republican. About the only slightly unRepublican measure he ever supported dealt wtih restricting money in presidential elections. If elected, the only thing “real” about McCain is the real Republican he is from A to Z. He is not a maverik when it comes to standing up for the rights of those without medical care, he is not maverik when it comes to aiding workers to gain decent pay or working conditions, he is on the side of corporate interests. Sorry, John McCain, you are no John Kennedy.