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Republican Moral Leader Admits Being Immoral!

Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada admitted that he had been involved in an affair for several months with a member of his staff whose husband also works for the senator. Ensign belongs to Promise Keepers, a Christian Ministry group whose motto undoubtedly is that Democrats must keep promises, but since Republicans, by definition, are moral, there is no need to worry about who they screw in the pursuit of emphasizing the moral foundations of the Republican party. Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, and Ann Coulter so enjoyed having a field day with the antics of the immoral Bill Clinton whose sexual escapades they insisted required impeachment. Clinton only obtained blow jobs but Ensign apparently got the entire package. We assume the forces of morality in the Republican party will now demand the resignation of Senator Ensign.

Sex is simply a human act and what constitutes moral behavior is a decision by two individuals and has nothing to do with the American people. Ensign claims, “it is the worst thing I have ever done in my life.” I doubt it. Examine this man’s voting record and you will discover he opposed extending health benefits for children and has preached against the morality of people on welfare rolls. Senator, God frankly doesn’t give a darn about who you screw sexually, but he sure does care when you screw poor children!

Droll Report: Mark Twain On Modern Politics

Following are comments derived from the sayings of Mark Twain

Mark Twain on war in Iraq: “We inflame wild beasts with the smell of blood and then innocently wonder at the wave of brutal appetite that seeps the land as a consequence.”

“It is a peculiarity of American political life we have two sets of morals in stock–one spoken and one performed.”

The political and commercial morals of the Bush administration are not merely food for laughter, they are an entire banquet.

Republicans trot out their morals on Sunday and devote the rest of the week sprinting to the finish line of immorality.

Twain on Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney: “I haven’t a particle of confidence in a man whose only redeeming vice is not knowing he has any vices.”

Republicans utter words of optimism that all problems will be solved by cutting taxes. I wonder if optimism makes them asses or is it being an ass makes them an optimist?

The past few years of Republican rule have achieved fewer accomplishments than a fire hydrant. At least the fire hydrant affords a place where dog can piss.

One of the perks of being Barack Obama. Just sit back and watch the Republican incompetents in Congress vie to win the championship of incompetence.

The only way Rush Limbaugh could express a truly unique idea is to place him in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve showed up.

The Village Idiot attended a recent meeting of Republican congressmen. They all stood in awe at being in the presence of their teacher.

Will Obama Stay The Course In Afghanistan?

The Obama administration believes it has a small window of opportunity to develop a successful strategy in the war in Afghanistan before public opinion swings against any such ventures. The main thrust of the new strategy is to shift from military to civilian development, an approach that has been continually attempted and has not succeeded. Focusing on civilians and their needs is only as successful as the government which is carrying out such activities and the current Afghan government is too corrupt and inefficient for success. Obama has mentioned a “timeline” but this has never been clearly spelled out.

It would be ironic if during the congressional elections of 2010, the Republican party posed itself as the party for getting out of Afghanistan regardless of the fact that it was the party that got America into it back in 2001? Who knows, will Republicans become the party of peace?

Rush Limbaugh — The Fat Man Has Sung!

The Fat Man of Republican politics has entered onto center stage and given another of his performances of ignorance. At a time when Americans are hurting and seeking answers to the economic disaster which has over taken them, along comes the pudgy man shouting and wiggling his body in a demonstration of ignorance and hate. Republican leaders rush off stage fearing to say or do anything that would upset the man from Missouri whose only claim to fame is an ability to ramble and shout hate for those who seek to think about issues. How to solve the economic disaster– his response is to cut taxes. Eight million are now without work and the best way to get them a decent job according to Rush Limbaugh is reducing taxes! The American society wants its leaders to work together but to the man from southern Missouri, the solution is to preach divisiveness and pray for the death of Barack Obama.

Democrats are counter attacking the winds of ignorance he blows by mocking and deriding the little man whose tiny ideas and ranting attract attention from the idiots who somehow believe listening to his tirades will lead to the emergence of a single intelligent idea. Rush reflects a world of the past in which spewing hate and derision of others was the solution to problems. He sometimes makes one feel as though a clown was performing in hope of bringing joy to the audience, but when the clownish antics of the round little man are seen, one can only shake a head in wonderment why 14 million people actually want to see this act of incompetence.

Democrats are pouncing on him because they want to emphasize to the American public that Republicans have lost their way and have no solutions to offer. The pompous pretentious putrid player on the stage of politics should be allowed to hog center stage and perform several times a day and night. His antics are the politics of the past and his ideas reflect those who seek to return to a time that never existed except in the mind of this rolly polly little creature of the swamps of hate.

Rant on and on and on my little man from Missouri. Your performance will be loved by the neo-Nazis groups which inhabit the forests of southern Missouri. The rest of us prefer the world of reality.

Are Republicans Living On Planet Earth?

For over forty years the Republican Party has been captured by individuals whose knowledge of economics is centered in some wonderful 19th century concepts that individuals must be freed of all government regulations and the best way to stimulate the economy is to give tax cuts–to the wealthy, that is. George Bush assumed office in January, 2001, and he was given a balanced budget, in fact, one that had a surplus. The national debt was $5 trillion and Clinton had actually begun paying it down. Eight years later after Republican rule, the national debt is $11 trillion, and wealthy people have enjoyed terrific tax cuts in order to make them even wealthier. The gap between the top one percent and the rest of America is the widest in history. Our financial institutions have been wrecked under Republican rule, but the people who control the Republican party in Congress insist all problems stem from those damn Democrats.

I gather Republicans are pointing out that EVERY SINGLE MONDAY DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HAS WITNESSED THE LOSS OF 50,000 JOBS! Yes, the economic problem confronting America are the fault of those DEMOCRATS! The Republican party backed every single economic mistake of Bush and passed earmark laws after earmark laws, but suddenly, they have found religion and don’t want to build bridges in Alaska that go nowhere.

Not a single Republican voted for the economic stimulus package and all they could mumble about was the need for MORE TAX CUTS! Could Republicans please tell America how an individual who has just lost a job is going to benefit by a tax cut! Are Republicans living on planet Xul? People need JOBS, NOT TAX CUTS!

If Republicans continue their obstructive behavior we may well witness the disappearance of the Republican party or the coming to power of the next Republican idiot– Sarah Palin and looking across the Bering Straits as a way to deal with our economic problems.

Nader And Hitler-Two Minds In Search Of Purity

Let me make clear, I do not equate Ralph Nader with any actions of Adolf Hitler. I am focusing on the MIND PROCESSES of the two men. Both men have a sense they are creatures of destiny whose purity of soul far surpasses that of mere mortals. Both believe their actions are always correct and the consequences of whatever they do must be endured by the masses. During the concluding months of WWII, German generals tried to convince Hitler the cause was lost and some accomodation had to be made in order to spare the German people. His invariable response was that he would not waver in his quest to accomplish his goals and the situation was caused by failure on the part of the German people to work harder in order to gain victory. Hitler insisted his faith was still strong and the purity of his soul was unblemished. At points, he bluntly stated Germans would have to suffer because they had failed the ultimate test of gaining victory. In a sense, he displayed an “after me comes the deluge” attitude.

I find a similar thought process in the mind of Ralph Nader. He insisted in 2000 there was no difference between the election of Gore or Bush and the failure of Gore to win was due to an inept campaign, not to the two million votes drawn away by the Nader campaign. When the Florida election was brought up, Nader always insisted Gore lost it by not doing a better job of campaigning. In Nader’s mind, he is always correct, he never makes a mistake and if others do not do their job, they must then face consequences. Nader feels no sense of guilt for Bush’s triumph because, Ralph Nader remained true to his principles and his soul is pure and good.

Nader on “Meet The Press” said there was “not a chance” he would play the role of spoiler in 2008 and if the Democrats did not win by a landslide, “they ought to just wrap up, close down, emerge in a different form.” Nader claimed “American politics is saturated in taboos and self-censorship to a level where the greatest issues in the campaign are off the table.” He cited healthcare and global warming as two such issues. Of course, one of the biggest points of contention between Clinton and Obama has been healthcare, but in Ralph Nader’s world, only if things are discussed on the basis of his views can they be considered to be discussed. Clinton and Obama have consistenly raised issues of global warming, but all that is irrelevant to Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader believes himself embued with the truth and his quest is not merely noble, but he alone knows how to speak about issues and he alone is in possession of the answers to political issues. If the American people refuse to acknowledge his truth, they must suffer the consequences. Ralph Nader votes in 2000 helped elect George Bush. Ralph Nader knows every vote cast for him in 2008 would have gone to a Democratic candidate, but if the Democrats fail to win, they have only themselves to blame and they must suffer whatever comes. His soul is free of guilt, he is pure in spirit and if America gets another Bush style leader, they only have themselves to blame.

Not once has Ralph Nader indicated a reflective soul who ponders consequences of his actions. He never second-guesses himself because he has complete belief in the purity of his goals. If one is pure at heart, then one can never be wrong. In that sense, he shares a remarkable similarity to the thought process of Hitler. He is NOT an Adolf Hitler in terms of actions. Both men regard themselves as embodying a purity of purpose that must be pursued to the bitter end and if people suffer due to their thinking, so be it. There is an aspect of Nader’s thinking which regards the disaster of George Bush as a positive thing because it arouses anger and may lead to the emergence of those whose purpose is pure at heart. He believes the more people suffer, the more they become aroused, and the greater the probability the end result is beneficial to society.

Mike Huckabee was asked his reaction to the Nader candidacy and he responded: “I think it always would probably pull votes away from the Democrats, not the Republicans. So naturally, Republicans would welcome his entry into the race and hope that maybe a few more will join in.” Ralph Nader doesn’t give a damn if his candidacy draws votes away from the Democratic candidate. The issue of his entry into the election is Ralph Nader — not the interests of the American people.

CIA Destroyed Videos Depicting Torture Of Detainees

The CIA destroyed video evidence of its coercive interrogation of al-Qaeda operatives who were held under the secret rendition program in order to shield its agents from future legal action. Two tapes documenting the water boarding technique that was used against Abu Aubaydah and another detainee were destroyed. The CIS’s director, Michael Hayden, told agency employees in a statement issues yesterday, “the tapes posed a serious security risk. Were they ever to leak, they would permit identification of your CIA colleagues who had served in the program, exposing them and their families to retaliation from al-Qaeda and its sympathizers.” The Hayden statement raises many questions and issues. For example, did information that was used in the trail against Zacarias Moussaoui, came from torture? It appears that the then Republican led Congress hid this information, even from Democratic members of the House and Senate Intelligence committees.

The water boarding was used after President Bush gave the OK to employ harsh methods of interrogation. George Bush continually claims he personally had not knowledge of any torture being employed by American interrogators. This is simply a clever word game to protect himself and to give the impression that terrible things, if they ever do occur, were never done due to his giving permission. The man is a blatant liar and it is incredible that Republicans kept information from their Congressional colleagues. There is also something disturbing if individuals who broke the law are protected against exposure due to fear of what might happen to their families!

America Split On Military Action Against Iran

A recent poll appearing in USA TODAY indicates Americans are split over the issue of military action against Iran with 46% supporting it and 45% in opposition. Some critics of such surveys blame the manner of posing the question of military action as a reason so many are in favor of attacking Iran. For example, if the follow up said, “Do you support an American land attack on Iran?” the results might be markedly different. The poll indicates great concern about Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb, but three-fourths believe the US “will be too quick to use military force.” The voices of fear have been heard from virtually all Republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination and they repeatedly claim Iran is close to having an atomic bomb. The poll also indicated only 31% of Americans approve of the job being done by Bush and, for the first time, 50% “strongly disapprove” of his performance.

The high number of people supporting military action is a result of failure on the part of the media to present alternative voices about what really is going on in Iran and presenting realistic information about the state of Iran’s nuclear development program. America is also faced with a president who intends to stir up fear and hate as his only option to win over support from Americans who have lost faith in his leadership.

Campigan Has Begun–Smearing Hillary Clinton

The 2008 presidential campaign has gotten off to the course most political experts expected would be taken– a smear campaign on YouTube directed against Hillary Clinton. Peter Paul, former supporter of Clinton, launched a vicious YouTube piece (produced with assistance of two men who created anti-Kerry smears in 2004) which depicts the senator as a power mad individual. According to Paul, “Her abuse of power as reflected in my case should make everybody pause about entrusting hr with the reins of power.” Mr. Paul is a convicted felon who is now awaiting sentencing on stock fraud about a company that Clinton refused to have anything to do with.

The Paul video will be followed by many more such pieces in an effort to destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton. Republicans will stoop to every and any form of smear campaigns in order to win because they lack a coherent program about Iraq, the economy, health care or how to aid our veterans.

John McCain: I Want A Christian President, I Think, Maybe?

Controversy continues over Senator John McCain’s comment last week that since America was founded on “Christian principles…I prefer someone who I know who has a solid grounding in my faith.” The American Jewish Congress blasted the senator by commenting, “to argue that America is a Christian nation, or that persons of a particular faith not seek high offices, puts the very character of our nation at stake.” Of course, McCain’s defenders like Senator Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, claimed McCain does not have a “bigoted bone in his body.” Although, McCain has not completely rejected what he previously stated, he now thinks qualified people should run for the presidency.

Joe Lieberman is probably right that McCain doesn’t have a bigoted bone in his body, but it’s his mind, not his body that is speaking. John McCain wants to be president and he will say or do anything in order to attain that goal. He has spent the past two years pandering to every nut case on the religious right in his quest for votes. He has groveled before people he denounced a few years back for their bigotry, but now discovers they are wonderful Americans. Americans accept that any politician says things for votes, but McCain’s remarks go beyond the pale of decency and honor.