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Combat Soldiers Have High Incidents Of Alcoholism

National Guard and Reservists who have been in combat are more likely to develop drinking problems after they complete their active duty stint. A new study compared Afghanistan veterans before they entered service and after as part of a Pentagon effort to gain greater understanding of what happens to those in combat once returned to civilian life. The report fund more than 600 combat troops reported no binge drinking before going into combat but they developed such drinking issues once out of a combat experience. New patterns of regular heavy drinking emerged in the National Guard and reservist combat veterans.

A major factor is remembering what it was like being in combat. The heavy stress of dealing with guerrilla warfare can be debilitating since one must constantly be alert and there is no finality to a combat encounter.

Like Mother Like Son In Iraq

The extensive dependence on reservists in fighting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars frequently results in rather bizarre encounters between members of the same family. Sgt. Tammi Johnson, a reservist, was deployed to Kirkuk Air base in Iraq only to discover she was taking over work tasks presently being done by her son, Derrrick. “This is all just a big coincidence,” said Derrick, “When I found out that she was coming to replace me, my jaw dropped just wondering what the chances were of this occurring.”

The nonstop deployment and redeployment of members of the military adds considerablly to family pressures and results in such a strange situation. A basic problem is the American military has been too long overseas and the same people have for too long been entrusted with responsibility for fighting wars the vast majority of this nation does not want fought. It would be preferable if the Johnsons could spend time together in America.