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Musharraf Blames Opponents For Pakistan Problems

After announcing his resignation, President Musharraf of Pakistan told his nation he had worked to maintain constitutional government and current problems have been caused by political parties. He emphasized his decision to resign was due to his concern over averting a constitutional crisis and did not stem from any wrong doing on his part. “To me, Pakistan was always first, it remains so and will always be first.” He made clear his opposition to any form of “horse trading” because he did not wish to subject his friends in the armed forces in any political infighting. The outgoing president blamed the current government for what he termed an “economic meltdown” and argued any current economic problems began when the current political coalition assumed office.

President Musharraf is gone but large problems remain that cannot be blamed on his administrative leadership. It is still unclear if Zardari, co-chair of the Pakistan People’s Party will seek the office of president, but Zardai made clear, as far as he was concerned, “let bygones by bygones” and he would not seek any judicial action against the departing president.

Musharraf Bows To Reality And Resigns

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf looked into the mirror of reality and concluded it was time for him to step down as leader of his nation or face the prospect of a bitter impeachment process in Parliament. He appeared on live television where in a trembling voice, the man who had guided Pakistan for nearly nine years, told the nation, he was leaving the seat of power. “If I was doing this just for myself, I might have chosen a different course. but I put Pakistan first, as always. Whether I win or lose the impeachment, the dignity of the nation would be damaged, the office of the president harmed. Even if I beat this impeachment, relations between the presidency and the government can never be fixed.”

Within moments after the president spoke, celebrations broke out in many Pakistan cities as people realized they had finally gotten rid of a man who had created turmoil and anger within the nation. “It’s just like I’m celebrating my wedding,” said Malik Naveed, a lawyer. There is no doubt, Pakistan army leaders had told Musharraf they would not intervene to assist his fight with Parliament. Similarly, allies in the United States and Saudi Arabia made clear they wanted him to leave. Some reports suggest Musharraf may seek refuge in Saudi Arabia.

Now, the question remains as to who will assume the office of president of Pakistan.

President Musharraf To Resign Tomorrow

President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan is expected to announce his resignation from office tomorrow on Independence Day. This information was conveyed to the Daily Times of Islamabad by a senior official in the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid which supports the president. The agreement dealing with his resignation indicates if he resigns prior to any impeachment process, he will be granted safe passage and allowed to leave the country without any punishment. There are reports President Musharraf is being urged in his resignation statement to apologize to the nation for sacking members of the Supreme Court last fall.

It is understood if he resigns President Musarraf will remain in the office of president for several days until he is able to formally shift power to the new president. He most probably will remain in his home for a few weeks and then leave the nation.

Asif Ali Zardari, co-chair of the Pakistan People’s Party, made known he expects the resignation within the coming days and once it is announced he will bring together all parties in his coalition and work out who will become the president. Some sources suggest Zardari might assume that office, but this is still at a rumor stage.

Eliott Spitzer’s Road To Perdition

Within an hour after this blog piece is published, the news of Governor’s Spitzer’s resignation will be announced. Eliott Spitzer arrived in Albany with an aura of arrogance and a fierce belief that anything he would do must be correct because Spitzer was doing it. His belief in his own briliance soon angered just about everyone in Albany and the sordid attempt to use State Troopers in order to find possible dirt to use against the Republican State Senate leader sickened both Democrats and Republicans. Spitzer brooked no denial to his authority and views, anyone who dared get in the way had to be removed regardless of tactics employed in that pursuit.

in a sense, Spitzer shares several qualities with George Bush. Both have a messianic belief in their own infailibility. They are convinced theirs is the only way to do something. Both do not tolerate dissent within the ranks and all must follow the leader’s path to perfection. Both men share a common need to self destruct and at the end of both administrations, the public will only be happy to see both depart.

Spitzer’s need for self destructiveness is something only the former governor and a psychiatrist will ever be able to unfold. The tragedy of this comic opera of prostitution is not that it happened. The tragedy is how could Spitzer ignore the reality he was engaged in an enterprise that in most likelihood would be discovered but he went right on doing it. There is something almost comic-opera about the entanglement with a prostitute. But, if one believes he is above the law and in possesion of super powers, then it is only natural to engage in activities that eventually result in being discovered.