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Return To Sender With My Regret?

The American family went to Russia in search of a boy to adopt since in many areas of the world it is more difficult getting a boy than a girl. He was brought to their home in Tennessee in hope both the boy and the family could find happiness with one another. A few days ago, the grandmother drove the boy to Washington D.C., placed him on a plane with a note attached to his clothes. Basically, the note informed anyone who picked up the child at Moscow airport, “the boy is mentally unstable. He is violent and has severe psychological issues.” Keep him, he is yours, not mine.

A sheriff in the Tennessee town is confused as to whether the parents broke any laws. “I don’t think anyone has seen something like this before” is all he could mutter. Perhaps, these parents are initiating a new way of dealing with problems:

President of Afghanistan: “Sir, we are returning our package of American soldiers. I trust you have a good one.”

Sarah Palin: “Mam, we are taking back the decision to allow you to run for Vice President of the USA. I hope you have fun shooting moose.”

Justice Roberts of Supreme Court: “Sir, we rescind the appointment as chief justice and am confident you can secure a job as legal advisor to the Republican Party.”