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Turkey Entry Into European Union Doubtful

The recent elections to the European Union parliament have resulted in gains for conservatives and right wing groups. Turkey’s bid to enter the EU was doubtful at best, but now that conservatives and anti-Muslim factions have gained more seats in the EU parliament it raises issues as to whether a bid by a Muslim nation will be successful. The recession, rising anger toward immigrants, and loss of confidence in socialist and liberal groups most probably were important factors in the growth of votes for anti-immigrant parties in Europe. Geert Wilders, who has led the fight in the Netherlands, to halt further immigration saw a large improvement in his vote. A fascist from the United Kingdom became the first member of his party to secure a seat in the EU parliament.

Any time there is a recession, anger toward the stranger and immigrants rises in a society. As unemployment increases, people interpret immigrants working as taking away their jobs even though few would actually seek jobs in the lower echelons of society.

Right Wing Gay Basher Secret Gay!

Jorg Haider died in a car crash which resulted from his drunken state of mind leaving behind his conservative right wing Alliance for the Future of Austria to sort out the details of his life. His political party has drawn upon extremists who hate foreigners and gays as part of their general culture of hating those who differ in some respect from themselves. As the nation mourned his death, Stefan Petzner, his protege broke down in tears at news of the death of his mentor and publicly admitted the two men had conducted a long term gay relationship even while their party was hostile to gays and lesbians. “We had a relationship that went far beyond friendship. Jrg and I w ere connected by something truly special. He was the man of my life.”

It appears Haider’s widow knew all about the gay relationship between the men and accepted their feelings toward one another. Ironically, shortly before leaving on his drunken drive home, Haider was photographed before a gay bar that he left after an emotional argument with Petzner.

Love comes in many forms and those who believe in the right of humans to love whom they please do not denigrate the relationship between the two men. However, given their love, it is sad they would not accord similar rights to other men.

German Right Wing Women Organize

Two young German women who lost their jobs due to belonging to right wing groups have organized a new group whose aim is defending the rights of women who are involved in right wing politics. Iris Niemeyer believes she and other women are being persecuted due to holding political views rather than any work incompetence on their part. Ms. Niemyer said she was working at a youth center when the center received an email informing them she was a member of a far right wing group. The email even included photos of Niemeyer at a rally for the right wing extremist National Democratic Party of Germany(NPD). After she admitted the information was correct, Ms. Niemeyer was fired. After threatening a law suit the center settled by giving her two months pay.

A democracy must incorporate diverse voices, even those from people one may detest. Ms. Niemeyer and her friends believe they are “nationalists” and “patriots” even though authorities describe her membership as fostering anti-semitism and racism. Ms. Niemeyer and her colleague, actress Sigrid Schussler cast themselves in the role of victims who are being persecuted by left wing and liberal groups. They are using the new organization to bring together women who also have lost jobs due to having divergent political views.

Most probably women such as Niemeyer and Schussler harbor racist and anti-semitic views but until they engage in actions which are illegal, they have a right to be bigots. Years ago in the 1950s I was termed a “communist” for organizing teachers and denied numerous jobs. The strength of democracy is allowing diverse views and bringing together in the forum of debate ideas from all sources. Ignorance and prejudice are not crimes, they are diseases of thinking and the best solution is engaging people with these diseases in discussions.