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Ethnic Tensions Rise In China

China contains an extremely diverse population which has been kept quiet due to the presence of an oppressive authoritarian regime. But, underneath the false peace of life in China, there are bubbling sources of anger and frustration slowly rising among the hundreds of ethnic groups in this vast country. In the western region of Xinjiang, thousands of Muslim Uighurs took to the streets in protest against failure to respect their rights. Xinhua, the state news agency admitted that several people were killed, but did not confirm the riots stemmed from the murder of Uighur migrant workers.

Witnesses reported police were manning roadblocks and mobile phone networks were being cut off. “There were big ethnic riots-there was a lot of fighting, “said one Han resident. A Han businessmen blamed the conflict on “Uighur rioters.” There were also reports of Uighurs attacking Han residents who they believe are colonizers sent into their area by the Chinese government which wants to dilute the power of Muslims.

Youth Riots Sweep Greece

A boy was shot by two policemen under circumstances that are still unclear. It is not unusual for police to shoot teenagers, but the shooting several days ago unleashed a storm of anger on the part of Greek youth. LIn an outpouring of rage across Athens, high school and university students joined self styled anarchists in throwing everything from fruit and rocks to Molotov cocktails as fires swept through the city. “Cops! Pigs! Murderers! shouted infuriated teenagers in their desire to wreck mayhem on the nation’s establishment. It is apparent their anger is not merely about the dead fifteen year old, but at the entire government which many regard as incompetent and corrupt. Dozens of shops, banks, and luxury hotels had their windows smashed and burned as students also looted stores including gun shops.

Prime Minister Karamanlis pleased for peace with youth of his nation, but they are upset at everything represented by the current government. Undoubtedly, this anger also reflects confusion and bewilderment at the economic crisis which has impacted the western world. Millions have watched their savings impacted by decisions of those who represent the power of money, and a response is to burn and destroy. We are witnessing an outpouring of fear as much as fury. Perhaps, we are witnessing the birth of a new desire to rethink the nature of government and money in the modern world.

Greek Youth Riot Over Police Shooting

Thousands of Greek youths rioted in several cities across the country over the death of a teenage boy who was shot by police. The young people were armed with stones, batons, and firebombs which they fired a the police as well as other forms of authority. By nightfall, several areas of Athens resembled a war zone with glass, rubble, and broken furniture in the streets. Local TV showed youth erecting barricades as police fired tear gas in their direction in an effort to restore order to Greek cities. Many rioters who were being pursued by police sought sanctuary in the universities which historically are off ground to the police. Thousands of young people marched through the streets of Athens shouting, “Down with the murderers in uniform.”

Prime Minister Costas Karemanlis publicly apologized to the father of Alexandros Grigoropoulos who was shot by police. Most probably the outburst of youth anger is deeper than the death of a single boy by police, but may reflect a feeling the government of Greece is still run by the “old boys network” and is not responsive to the need for a modern, honest government that is in tune with needs of the 21st century. According to Professor Thanos Dokos, “there are a lot of disoriented young people who feel they don’t have much to expect from the future and are very disconnected.” We can expect more such outbursts of anger as the recession continues to spread.

From China With Lies

Chiese Pemier Wen Jiabao told the world things were simply wonderful in Tibet until that horrible notorious war maker, the Dalai Lama, sent his agents into peaceful Lhasa to stir up things. “This incident has seriously disrupted order in Lhasa and inflicted heavy losses of lives and property for the people.” He insisted “local government and competent departments have been strict keeping with the Constitution and laws, and exercised extreme restraint.” He vigorously denied claims by the Dalai Lama that that China has been engaged in “cultural genocide.”

Of course, reports indicate close to 100 people are dead despite the “restraint” of local Chinese officials in handling the riots. China has constantly imposed its will upon the people of Tibet and in a blatant effort to downgrade the Tibetan culture as representing a backward view of the world. If China is so intent on allowing freedom, why not invite the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet and accord him complete freedom of religion?

Criticism of Chinese actions has nothing to do with other nations seeking to impose their will upon the government of China. The Chinese government supports military dictatorship in Myanmar, it supports genocide in Darfur, and pretends it is just an innocent victim of the Western world. No one denies there is more freedom in China today than existed under previous Communist leaders, but the essence of a free society is an open forum of ideas. Perhaps, the Chinese government might begin its quest for freedom by ending restraints on access to the Internet and YouTube.