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Politics Of Hate In France Creates Violence

It was not the crime of the century when Karim Boudouda dashed into a casino near Grenoble and got away with thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, for the young Muslim man, police quickly arrived at the scene of the crime and set off in hot pursuit. Weapons were fired by both Karim and the police, but police aimed more accurately, and the young man was killed. News of his death quickly spread into Muslim slums, and not doubt, by the time news of his death had been told a hundred times, the petty criminal had been transformed into a modern day Robin Hood. Just before midnight a gang of twenty young men entered a train station, forced passengers to get off and then set ablaze the train. Police arrived at the train station and while they were attempting to ensure safety of passengers, the youth torched police cars. About 2:30 a.m. another group of young men clashed with police and shots were fired on both sides but no one was hurt. Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux then arrived and in a tough voice exclaimed: “When I say quick, I mean immediately, that’s how we are going to re-establish public order.”

No sensible person can argue against restoration of law and order, but tough words are just what Muslims in France have been hearing from their government. A few days ago an almost unanimous vote in the French legislature made it a crime for a Muslim woman to appear in public wearing the niqab or chador even though only a handful of Muslim women wear either of these garments. Unless restoration of public order is accompanied by respect for Muslims and jobs, there will be further riots.

Violence in Western China! Mobs Rage Through Xinjiang Province

The force of hate and anger is raging through the streets of Urumqi in western China as mobs of Han Chinese armed with bats, iron bars and fury seek to capture Uighurs who they blame for attacking the Chinese newcomers to the region. Thousands of militia police have been sent to the city in hope of restoring law and order after clashes between the two groups caused the death of over two hundred and wounding of over a thousand. Police have arrested at least a thousand people in their efforts to end violence in the city. Thousands of armed Han Chinese went into the streets in search of Uighurs who they claim initiated the violence by attacking Hans. The region historically has been Muslim but in recent decades the Chinese government has encourage Hans to migrate to the area. The result has created fear among Uighurs they will soon become a minority in their own land.

Han residents shouted at the police for arresting their young men. “Why are you arresting Han Chinese?” they yelled. “They are only trying to protect us.” Blood for blood results in blood for all.

Riots Rage In Muslim Areas Of China

Riots swept western Muslim regions of China as Uighurs in restive Xinjiang clashed with Han Chinese in bloody battles that resulted in the death of hundreds. In the capital burnt out buildings were smoldering as riot police fought Muslim Uighurs who are tired of Han Chinese entering their homeland and attempting to become the dominant group. Witnesses reported that Uighurs attacked their Han neighbors and left many dead or suffering serious injuries. Police were firing at Uighurs which caused deaths and wounded. The Chinese government, as usual, found someone to blame rather than accept its own responsibility in failing to respect the religion or customs of Uighurs. It said unrest was “masterminded by the World Uighur Congress.”

There are reports Chinese authorities killed Uighurs by firing at them and even sent armored cars into crowds which resulted in other deaths. A Uighur resident told a reporter that “it all started because some Uighurs were killed in Guangdong and people wanted to protest.” Hospitals claim most of the dead and wounded are of Han background although many also are Uighurs.

Coptic-Muslim Clash In Egypt

One of the most common myths spread by Muslims is how their religion treats those of other faiths in a fair and equal manner. Of course, historically, Christians and Jews in most Muslim societies were second class citizens and event their attire was dictated by the government. The Egyptian society includes about 10% who are Christian Coptics. The other day a quarrel between a Muslim and Coptic resulted in the death of the Muslim and the emergence of a mob which burned the homes of Coptics. Coptic Christians are hardly equal citizens in their land since they require government permission to build a church or expand existing structures. Over the past few years there have been several riots against Coptics by Muslim groups.

There are significant differences within the Muslim world in connection to how society deals with those of other faiths. Saudi Arabia is clear it does not tolerate Christians and Jews except if they agree not to openly practice their religion and abandon any thought of building religious structures. On the other hand, there is greater religious freedom in Indonesia. But, the bottom line is that to live in a Muslim society is to be bound by certain religious concepts and to accept that government reflects Muslims, not Christians.

Riots In The Streets?

A surprising poll taken in Great Britain reveals almost a third of respondents believe the British army within the coming years will be forced to deal with urban riots as the economic decline continues. Superintendent David Hartshorn of the London Metropolitan police believes radicals are planning a ‘summer of rage” to take advantage of social people angry at loss of jobs or loss of money caused by the growing recession. According to the poll, many believe there will be “serious social unrest in several British cities” in the coming months. A rather large majority believe young people who are without work should a year of national service working with the elderly or sick.

If the Depression is a model then government sponsored work programs for young people will be necessary if unemployment continues to increase. Unfortunately, the Gordon Brown government spouts cliches instead of coming up with interesting work programs for those who are without hope in the current work environment.

Is Athens Flu Catching?

There is speculation riots by Greek youth against their nation’s corrupt politics may spread to other European nations. Yesterday, young Athens demonstrators spray-painted two slogans on the French Institute which said: “Spark in Athens. Fire in France. Insurrection is coming.” the other said: “france, greece, uprising everywhere.” The Greek riots may be picked up by modern forms of youth communication such as the Internet or Facebook or MySpace in order t spur youth to rebel against all forms of authority. For two weeks, Greek youngsters have been engaged in an orgy of rioting and destruction which has evolved from anger over the death of a fifteen year old boy into general mayhem.

Youngsters are protesting against a corrupt government, and against attempts to institute changes in an education system which has scant meaning to contemporary students. In a sense, the students reject change and are protesting in order to maintain the status quo even though they dislike the status quo.

France has all the ingredients for a riot. Students are not pleased with the current political system, they don’t like the university system, they don’t like globalism and they recognize their are deep seated problems in dealing with multicultural groups. European youth want change but oppose change. In a sense, they are rootless and without a vision about the future.

Riots Galore Continue In Greece

Twelve days of riots have wracked Greece as thousands of students continue their protest against what initially was anger over the death of a fifteen year old killed by a policeman, but it is now not quite clear exactly what students seek other than continuation of riots. Protestors hung two huge banners across the Acropolis which urged “Resistance.” It is becoming increasingly clear students are engaged in creating a sense of anarchy. The rampage through Athens which destroyed hundreds of shops and smashed banks represents something deeper than the death of a boy. We are witnessing a generation which has lost faith in the intelligence or capacity of elders to create societies based on human justice and equity. The enormous growth of wealth among those on top of society has angered young people.

One group battered their way into a TV studio which was broadcasting the prime minister’s speech to urge youth to take to the streets, “stop watching, get out onto the streets.” And, “free everyone who has been arrested.” The anarchists do not have any concrete plans to build a just society, they simply know what drives them to distraction. In a sense, the inability of youth to articulate a future is no different than adults who are stumbling in confusion on how to fix broken economies.

Riots In Sweden Reflect Athens Flu

Police from Stockholm and other Swedish cities are being sent to Malmo to handle a growing tension in the southern city which has been wracked by riots over the past two days. After two nights of intensive rioting, police requested assistance in order to quell the disturbance. Emotions have been running high in Malmo’s immigrant district of Rosengard after police forcibly removed three squatters from the basement offices of an Islamic culture center. The premises had been occupied since November 24th as part of a protest against the landlord’s decision not to renew the association’s lease for the space which it has occupied for fifteen years.

The riots have grown with intensity with each passing night. Police were pelted with Molotov cocktails and bomb threats were made to local businesses. There are reports rioters were joined by left-wing extremists from outside the area who go by the name of “autonomists.” The fire department has refused to enter the area torn by riots.

The Malmo riots most probably have nothing to do with Greek youth, but reflect tensions arising from the arrival of African and Muslim immigrants who are encountering discrimination by native born Swedes.

Czech Bigots Attempt To Attack Romas

The presence of Romas in many European nations invariably arouses the ire of right wing fanatics and bigots who have never abandoned Nazi-style approaches to dealing with people who are different from themselves. A gathering of the neo-Nazi Czech Workers Party nearly turned into a massacre of Romas due to efforts of police. About 500 thugs gathered in the town of Litvinovfor a march when they suddenly made a turn and headed for the Roma section of the community. Mob members were armed with Molotov cocktails, machetes and pitch forks which they intended to use against innocent people but were prevented due to the presence of about 1,000 police. In the melee about 300 Roma men also were present ready to defend their community against mob violence.

The gangsters who term themselves a “worker’s party,” threw flaming bottles and attacked police who stood in their way of carrying out violence. A police spokesperson said, “we discovered weapons–sticks, guns, pitchforks, machetes and other things in the cars of extremists and also Roma people.” A growing tragedy in Europe is the rising hatred against Romas. After all, they are a minority and have some differences.

India Torn By Riots Over Indian Migrants

In most nations of the world, anger toward migrants is directed toward those who come from another nation and cross borders illegally in search of work, but in India, anger is directed at fellow Indians. Protestors in the eastern Indian state of Bihar torched trains and ransacked stations for attacks on migrants that took place in western India. Trains were halted and the police battled angry mobs. The migration of thousands of workers from impoverished northern and eastern states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar into India’s booming areas has sparked a violent backlash as ambitious politicians spur crowds into action against the strangers.

On Wednesday, in Mumbai, a local politician whose arrest sparked riots was released and then went on urging his followers to take action against migrants from other areas of India. It is somewhat ironic that India is currently witnessing riots among Hindus where fifty years ago the riots were between Hindus and Muslims. It is always the “stranger” who causes the most hate among the ignorant.