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All Unquiet Tuesday On The Baghdad Front

It was another typical day in Iraq, the sun was shining and Apache attack helicopters were making their rounds checking on suspicious activities in the countryside. They spotted some men who they thought were planting roadside bombs, but before they could fire on them in the open fields, the men fled to nearby houses. The Apache helicopters opened fire blasting away at the houses. After the firing ceased, five of the men they thought were the roadside bombers lay dead along with six civilians while another five civilians were wounded. A spokesperson for the military said it was unclear exactly who the roadside bombers were, but it is believed they were among the dead. She expressed regret for the death of innocent civilians, but blamed their demise on the roadside bombers.

As far as the story goes, the bombers never exploded their bombs so it is clear they were not responsible for the deaths of civilians. If five men ran into houses containing other men it is unclear how the military can determine which of the dead men were the bombers and which were not. This “minor incident” happens each day in Iraq and at the end of the day more civilians are dead and more Iraqis hate Americans. The American military offered no explanation why the helicopters could not have pinned down the bombers in the houses and called for ground forces to attempt obtaining a surrender. One last question: Are the helicopter pilots absolutely certain these men were planting explosives?