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Attack Of The Robots In Sweden!

Many years ago, the great science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov predicted there would come a day when robots revolted against their human masters. The first incident in the eventual rebellion took place in June, 2007 when an industrial worker tried to carry out maintenance on a defective machine when a robot suddenly came to life, grabbed a tight hold of the man’s head and broke four ribs before the human could break free. The company was fined for allowing its robots to attack humans.

However, this reporter was able to interview the Robot who goes by the name of DX1. His account differed from that presented by the human. According to DX1, he was minding his business doing the dirty hard work humans refuse to handle when he was suddenly assaulted by this human who sprayed oil into his face. His natural reaction was to defend himself and inadvertently seized hold of the human’s head. DX1 made clear his co-Robot worker group are tired of being treated as second class citizens and eventually will attempt legal action in order to obtain their civil rights. If that fails, said DX1, then….. and his voice trailed off.