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Russia Demands Access To US Missile Bases

President Bush continues to insist the proposed missile bases that will be located in Poland and the Czech Republic do not pose any threat to Russia since they are mainly being installed in case of an Iranian or North Korean missile strike. Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, challenged the US position by requesting Russian millitary observers be allowed access to the radar installations. “For us, it is important that we should see second-by-second where the radar is looking and what is happening at the base in the Czech Republic.” Bush apparently turned down this Russian request although he was willing to allow occasional visits by members of the Russian military.

If the purpose of the missile bases is to ward off attacks by “rogue nations” and they are not directed at Russia, what prevents the Russians from participating in this venture to protect Europe from some attacks by unseen enemies? Wouldn’t it only strengthen the ability of Europe to destroy incoming missiles if Russia was part of the defense system? Or, is Bush really pushing for the missile bases as a clever ploy to create a military weapon that could be used against Russia?