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Burmese Muslims Tossed From Nation To Nation

Myanmar is a nation ruled by a group of thuggish military leaders who constantly wage war against ethnic minorities who reside in a Buddhist society. The plight of the Rohingya people illustrates the indifference felt by the Burmese government and other non-Muslim societies in Asia. Rohingya have been expelled from Thailand and set adrift on rafts in the Indian Ocean in order to get them out of Thailand. Daw Aye Aye, a Burmese official made clear his government did not want the Rohingya to return and would prefer if they were sent off to some far away Muslim nation.

The Rohingya are a symbol of the world’s indifference to human suffering and our inability as humans to confront issues of persecution, particularly when oppressed people inhabit faraway lands and are of a different religion or ethnicity that fails to attract sympathy in the media. It always fascinates this writer how the plight of one group can become a media sensation while similar persecution does not even rate a line in the media.