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Romeo And Juliet, Afghan Style

They were a young boy and a young girl who met in a small Afghan town, exchanged looks, exchanged words and eventually fell madly in love. Their families in true Romeo and Juliet style, disapproved of the two youngsters marrying which left them no recourse other than to elope and seek happiness in their love even though it meant abandoning family. However, this is Afghanistan, land of the Taliban and the Islamic thugs could not tolerate the idea of young people falling in love without permission of families. The two lovers were found by the Taliban and returned to their village in the Khash Rod district. According to Governor Ghulam Azad, “three Taliban mullahs brought them to the local mosque and they passed a fatwa(religious decree) that they must be killed. They were shot and killed in front of the mosque and killed.

In theory, eight years ago, the United States military defeated the Taliban and brought freedom to the young people of Afghanistan. The death of this young man and woman is certainly another example of the Bush, Mission Accomplished.

Life In Rural Poverty Stricken India

They were two young people living in rural India when somehow in a modern version of Romeo and Juliet the boy and girl from families which disliked one another fell in love. They most probably met in some field, exchanged words and glances, met in some secluded spot and realized they had come to love one another. Ratan Mandal and Kanchan Kuman eventually told their parents of the love that had blossomed, but the two families harbored ancient grudges whose origin was most probably unknown. Finally, the two young lovers eloped, got married and went away. However, the family of Kanchan Kumari could not forget what they considered an insult to their family honor. They invited the family of Ratan Mandai to a supposed reconciliation dinner and then shot eight people, beheaded them and threw their bodies into a river.

To those of us living in post industrial societies with cell phones and Internet and a host of ways to communicate, we forget about the actual lives of millions like these two families. Their ignorance is simply of a different nature than modern ignorance, but it is always there. They behead people, we condemn poor people in America to early deaths by refusing to offer free medical care. That is life in modern America.