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Lynn Forester de Rothschild-What’s Wrong In The USA?

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton has thrown her support behind the candidacy of John McCain who she believes will lead the United States in a centrist fashion unlike Barack Obama who would take the party “too far to the left.” She praised McCain for standing up to George Bush on his Iraq war strategy and dismissed the fact McCain had voted with Bush 90% of the time because he broke with the president on the stem cell issue and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. She also was excited by the prospect of a female vice president despite opposing Sarah Palin in the issue of abortion.

The support for McCain by a woman who helped raise considerable money for Clinton is not really an important story in itself. We report this news concerning Ms. de Rothschild because she is a symbol of what is wrong in the United States of America. Ms. de Rothschild backed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and has now decided to support McCain-Palin who completely disagree with everything that Hillary Clinton fought for because she is excited at the prospect of a female vice president. Has this woman lost her mind? McCain-Palin oppose abortion, sex education for children, higher wages for low income workers, national health insurance, an end to torture of prisoners, etc…

Is the Lynn Forester de Rothschild tale of supporting Hillary Clinton a reflection that “X” percent of women who backed the New York senator were more interested in the fact she was a woman than in the fact she was an intelligent leader who had political, social, and economic ideas? Did this ignorant woman ever listen to what Clinton was saying? Hillary Clinton wanted an effective health care system, is that one of those “too far to the left ideas” the dear woman, who is married to a banker, opposes? John McCain is interested in global warming!! Really, then why is he focusing on drilling for more oil rather than fighting for new technology?

There is something terribly wrong with America when “X” percent of voters want “someone just like me” to be president. Our economy is in free fall, the last Bush budget had a deficit of $450 BILLION and women like Ms. de Rothschild want someone just like them to be president!! At the age of 78, I can only conclude the America of 2008 is headed in the wrong direction if some women want Sarah Palin to be the first female to hold high office. Is anyone interested in the economy, health, or our future as a successful society?

Ms. de Rothschild, your candidate John McCain has supported the war in Iraq from day one. He has no plan for peace in the Middle East since he never met a conflict for which war was not the solution. I guess for Ms. de Rothschild, the sight of Sarah Palin in charge of the USA during a nuclear crisis would not be disturbing. Oh well, I guess if you are a Rothschild, money is no problem and minor issues like lacking health insurance sure won’t keep one up at night.

Ms. de Rothschild, we have come a long way from Eleanor Roosevelt to Sarah Palin.