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Do Round Numbers Reflect Vote Fraud In Russia?

During a recent press conference a French reporter asked President Putin how it was possible for his United Russia party to capture nearly 100% of the vote in December’s election in Chechnya, a Russian reporter jumped in to exclaim 10 of his family members had voted for United Russia. Two bloggers who examined December’s election results found a disproportionate number of polling stations reporting round numbers– that is numbers ending in zero and five–both for voter turnout and the final United Russia figures. The analysis by chemist Maxim Pshenchnikov and LiveJournal blogeer nicknamed Podmoskovnik offer mathematicval proof of either election fraud or extemely anomalous voter behavior. According to Konstantin Sonin, an economist, “it is a study that explicitly demonstrates that the results were manipulated.”

The blogger analysis says disributioin of numbers appears normal until it hits the figure of 51% which at time it begins reporting round numbers. United Russia received 89% of the vote at 633 polling stations but 927 stations reported 90% figures. They found spikes that concide in several round number including 75%, 80% and 90%. Their conclusion is the United Party should have received 63% of the vote and obtained 277 sets instead of the 300 needed for a constitutional majority.

Far be it for this blog to interpret this report as constituting any form of voter fraud on the part of the Putin government. We failed math in college and must abide by the mathematical conclusions of United Russia that all good things end in round numbers.