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Rudy Giuliani, “America’s Mayor” has not ceased since 9/11 spouting his rhetoric of BS in order to rake in money. At a recent Motivational speech, the former New York mayor, told an audience “if you want to be a leader and you want to communicate with people, you have to love people.” The politician who insulted and degraded opponents and made clear to those of black skin or Hispanic names that he really didn’t give a damn about what they thought, has suddenly become St. Rudy, the messenger of Jesus Christ. Rudy ordinarily picks up about a $100,000 a speech for his words of wisdom such as “you ned to know lessons in leadership to deal with crises in life, personal crises, or the kind of crisis we are going through now with our economy.” As usual, the man of many words has plenty of words to offer although few containing anything specific.

Actually, St. Rudy does have words of advice to those who endeavor to deal with a crisis:

1. Pay me $100,000 for whatever I say regardless of what I say.
2. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain how you can run for president in primaries and never win a delegate.
3. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain quite clearly how to sell your soul to the Devil in order to receive $100,000 per speech.
4. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain how to turn down advice from experts on how to prepare for a crisis by not placing a command center in a high rise building.
5. Pay me $100,000 and I will explain how to take credit for what others do in order to screw them and get your $1000,000 per speech.
6. Pay me $100,000 per speech and I will support gun lovers, anti-abortionists(I am for abortion if it gets me votes) or any nut in the country who can help me get $100,000 per speech.


Who Is The Real Rudy Giuliani?

As the campaign of Rudy Giuliani slowly sinks into the eastern sun, questions continue arising about who is this man and what does he represent? Latest Florida polls indicate he might wind up in third place in a state Rudy insisted was his to win. His bombastic approach to politics is based on continually claiming things he never did and deriding efforts of others who did. He claimed credit for the police commissioner’s plan to halt crime in New York City and then fired the man. He claims to have done something to”fight terror” but as of this date, has nothing concrete to show except that he wandered around New York City on 9/11 showing his face to the media. He claims to have taken on the mob bosses and wiped them out, but, as of this date, most are alive, well and functioning in New York City.

In a powerful column by James Harmon that appeared in the New York Daily News, the former platoon leader in Vietnam raises questions concerning what happened to Rudy Giuliani, the brave warrior, when war raged in Vietnam. Harmon quoes Katie Levinson, a Giuliani spokesperson as saying Rudy opposed the Vietnam war on “strategic and tactical grounds” while a biographer quotes Giuliani as saying, “Vietnam didn’t meet the conditions of what Catholics call a just war.” The proud Republican voted for Democratic candidate George McGovern but now Rudy claims he voted for him “only because I knew he was gooing to lose.” A rather strange reason for casting a vote, but Mr.Giuliani does many strange things.

Afteer he was hired as a law clerk by Manhattan federal judge Lloyd MacMahon, the brave young warrior applied for a 2-A occupational deferemnt -which his draft board rejected. A man who boasts of being willing to challenge terrorists, and proudly points out he threw Palestinian leader Arafat out of New York, demonstrated his bravery under battle by appealing this rejection. He won his appeal and was protected fom the draft until sometime in 1970 when he drew a high lottery draft number.

Who is Rudy Giuliani? Brave fighter against terrorism? A fighter against crime? When, all is said and done about this brave American, history will note and long remember his greatest military triumpth– he defeated the squeegee men who wiped car windows. Mayor Giuliani halted them, made them cease and desist from their criminal behavior, and assured drivers entering New York City they never again would be bothered by evil, dirty squeegee men attacking their windshields. If there is a place in Heaven for brave warriors, Rudy Giuliani deserves one!!

The Failed Giuliani Gambit-Wrong Strategy?

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s name has barely rated a mention over the past month as primary results come in from New Hampshire or Michigan or Nevada or South Carolina. He has banked everything on scoring a huge victory in Florida, but new reports indicate he may have already fallen behind Senator John McCain and Mike Huckabee. For some strange reason, Giuliani developed a strategy of putting all his eggs in the Florida basket and allowing his rivals to bask in the glow of ongoing publicity while he addressed a few hunded senior citizens in the large cities of Florida. Giuliani forgot that Florida is a complex state with hundreds of small towns, most of which are conservative areas, and that as the former mayor gave his standard speech about 9/11, the war in Iraq had been supplanted by economic problems ranging from the housing market to a dramatic stock market collapse.

Two months ago, Rudy was leading in national polls. Today, he, at best, is third and rapidly slipping. As he wanders the streets of Flordia giving his 9/11 pitch, firefighter groups hawk his every step and offer voters their angry criticism of his incompetence at 9/11 which reslted in the death of many of their colleagues. The media is ignoring Rudy, terrorism is slipping as the major concern and all he can offer is the “biggest tax cut in history” to a public that is worried about health care, th stock market or rising education costs. Some one will be writing a book next year about the most incompetent political campaign in recent American history– and its star will be Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani, The Beggar Man

In a recent letter soliciting funds for the Rudy Giuliani campaign his campaign managers pleaded that “everyone in the campaign is doing all we can to conserve resources to help Rudy get elected” including staff forgoing their salaries. “Will you help us one more time?” pleaded the communication. Meanwhile, down in Florida, Rudy gave another of his 9/11 speeches in which he claimed to save America due to his heroics on that tragic day. The senior citizens, many from New York, apparently thought his comments made sense. However, when they exited, they discovered on automobile windshields, a communication from firefigher organizations that said: “Rudy Didn’t Prepare NYC After 1993(the first World Trade Center bombing)Took Place. How Can We Trust Him To Prepare America?”

One can only assume Rudy Giuliani will not forgo receiving his normal $200,00 to make one of his speeches in the name of his campaign. The only sacrifice he ever makes is to sacrifice the money of others.

Rudy G. Wraps Self Around 9/11 Flag In Desperation

Rudy Giuliani’s numbers are dropping as Huckabee and other opponents attract voters so the former New York mayor returned to the mantra of 9/11 in order to regain political momentum. He trotted out a new slogan, “Tested, Ready, Now” in order to prove, to an increasingly doubting audience, that he was then and is now the man of the hour. “I saw it on the morning of September 11, 2001,” he told an audience, “there were points on that day, that morning too, where I wondered whether we had the strength to deal with this, the worst attacks in our history, unprecedented, horrific.” He then pulled out the tear jerking image of fire fighters who put the American flag at Ground Zero as a symbol of courage that supposedly connected to his actions that day. He concluded with his usual bragging comment, “I’ve met adversity before, I’ve led in situations that seemed hopeless and dire in need of a miracle. I don’t just hope for miracles. I expect miracles.”

Al Smith, a former governor of New York, used to say, “let’s look at the record” when dealing with someone’s claims to be excellent. OK, let’s look at Mayor Giuliani’s record on September 11, 2001. Despite warnings from experts that a crisis command center should be underground, he placed New York’s command center in the Twin Towers, Despite warnings about the failure of radios and communication facilities that cropped up in the terrorist bombings in the 1990s, he did nothing. His failure to have an effective communication system undoubtedly was partially responsible for deaths of firemen and policemen. Firemen wanted to continue rescue operations and he closed them down. The “brave” mayor walked around New York City with dozens of policemen and faced absolutely no danger of anything other than diverting needed policemen from where they should have been– at Ground Zero. The United States of America did not face any dire threat to its security, there was no need of any “miracle” because our armed forces were sufficient to handle any external threat. The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 DID represent a threat since most of our Pacific fleet was sunk. Perhaps, Mayor Giuliani, who boasts of his heroism, can explain why every major fire fighting organization opposes his nomination as do most police organizations. If he was such a “hero” why do those who actually did heroic things on that terrible day regard him as a bragging blowhard who talks and talks?

Giuliani Ain’t No Fiorello LaGuardia!

Rudy Giuliani doggedly insisted on Tim Russert’s program that he did nothing wrong in having police guard his mistress, Judith Nathan, while they were having an affair. He claimed assigning a chauffeur to drive her around was based upon “threat assessments made by the New York Police Department.” Unfortunately, this explanation does not square with a New York Daily News story on Friday, that was based on information from multiple witnesses, and a law enforcement source, that she was being protected months before the affair had ever been reported anywhere by the media. Giuliani admitted he did a poor job of knowing about Bernard Kerik’s background before recommending him for the position of Director of Homeland Affairs. Bernard Kerik was a policeman who was assigned to be a chauffeur for Giuliani. Based on that experience he was given the job of Director of Corrections and then appointed Police Commissioner of New York City. The Republican candidate compared himself to former Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, who, according to the Giuliani version once said about his mistakes: “I don’t make many mistakes but when I make them, they’re big ones.” Actually, our former beloved Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, never used those words. As we all fondly remember, his words were; “When I make a mistake, it’s a beaut.”

Fiorello LaGuardia and Rudy Giuliani only have one thing in common– both were of Italian heritage. LaGuardia was a fearless fighter for the rights of poor people from his early days as a lawyer defending striking members of the ILGWU. Unlike Rudy, the “little flower,” as we affectionately called him, was not a draft dodger, but volunteered to fight in WWI. He was the first mayor who did anything for African Americans, and whenever poor people were fighting for their rights, one could be certain our little flower was standing side by side with the oppressed. And, when he died, LaGuardia left a meager estate of a few thousand dollars because money never dominated his life as it does for Rudy Giuliani. Rudy, you sure ain’t no Fiorello LaGuardia!