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Colin Powell Heralds New Era Of Maturity

Colin Powell was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1993 when the infamous,”don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was initiated in the US military to deal with issues of gays and lesbians. Powell subsequently served as Secretary of State under Republican George Bush which, supposedly, should earn him the respect of Republicans. No more incorrect words could be written. Powell issued a statement to the American people: “In the all most 17 years since the “don’t ask, don’t tell”, policy was passed, attitudes and circumstances have changed. I fully support the new approaches presented to the Senate Armed Services Committee this week.” Powell, like this author who spent his adolescent years in New York City going to Greenwich Village to “beat up fags, ” we have grown up, matured, recognized the brutality and stupidity of former years and now respect the right of all Americans to be who they are.

Unfortunately, most Republicans in Congress still ramble on about the “threat” to America posed by acknowledging reality-there are gays and lesbians NOW SERVING IN THE MILITARY AND DAILY RISKING THEIR LIVES. If Rush Limbaugh is so hot about this issue, why not enlist in the military and serve the country he has never served?

Price Of Television Madness– Hatred!

The incident in itself is not momentous, just a large black doll hanging from the window in a building in a small southern town. Plains, Georgia, is the home of former president Jimmy Carter, who is the only living ex-president to focus on issues of peace rather than on the quest for money and glory. This makes the hanging of an effigy portraying President Barack Obama even more revolting. It was found yesterday morning hanging from a window in a building on whose exterior is painted information about the town being Carter’s home.

The real question is why do we find such petty, vicious public hatred of the president. There is no question in my mind media pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the dozens of other spouters of hatred enflame citizens with false stories concerning the current president and administration. In their quest for raising ratings they rant and rave with information that has no basis in reality–only in fostering hate.

We can expect a “funny” comment from Rush about the hanging black doll.


Among the mysteries of my life is how or why a pudgy minded little man has been able to gain popularity for spewing lies and hate. Following is a list of what I think about Rush Limbaugh.

1. He never met a fact he could not misunderstand.

2. His attack on Ted Kennedy’s death is definite proof he is the Devil’s best friend.

3. He has medical insurance and wants to ensure the poor do not have what he has.

4. Rush is the greatest ally of terrorism in the world. If he did not exist, Osama bin Laden would have to invent a Rush Limbaugh.

5. He is the proverbial schoolyard bully.

6. Rush is acting out his anger at being teased for being the little over-weight kid.

7. He has single handedly transformed the GOP into the Grand Order of Putzes.

8. Rush is to truth as Barry Bonds is to denying the use of steroids.

9. Doubt is a stranger who has never knocked on his door.

10. He prances the stage of life spewing hate and songs of anger at those who cannot defend themselves.


According to Republican Party mythology, everything in America was going fine until those damn liberals tricked the people of this nation by insisting there were no financial problems. Of course, any sensible Republican knows the ONLY way to maintain economic health is by cutting taxes on the wealthy. But, along came the Black Man and he fooled us with all this talk about failing banks and the need for high deficits. Every sane person knows when George Bush doubled the national debt from $5 trillion to $10 trillion it was done in the push toward fiscal responsibility.

Anyway, here are the latest examples of how this Obamaman has ruined the country:

Blame It On Obama

Why there are no white American tennis players in the finals!

Why the “successful Bush surge in Iraq” is now in trouble!

Why Dick Cheney has gone off his rocker.

Why people over sixty are suddenly getting white hair! Note- they are not getting black hair!

Why the Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers

Why it takes a year to fix one mile of Highway 40 in St. Louis.

Why, according to Rush Limbaugh, it is now common for black kids to beat up white kids on buses while the crowd cheers? Whatever happened to the good old days when white kids beat up black kids and Rush Limbaugh applauded!!

Baker’s Dozen Reasons Rush Is A Blowheart

Rush Limbaugh once again proved he was a creature of the night in the man’s comments about Senator Ted Kennedy. Following are reasons why this so-called human is a jackass.

He never encountered a fact he did not interpret incorrectly.

He is the proverbial schoolyard bully.

His attack on Ted Kennedy dug reached a new level of gutter invective.

He is the greatest ally of terrorists in the world by proving America contains not merely ugly Americans but real live ones.

He knows he lies.

He has medical insurance and wants to ensure those who have it, have it.

He has singlehandedly transformed the GOP into the Grant Order Of Putzes.

He is to truth as Barry Bonds is to claiming no steroid has ever entered his body.

He prances the stage of hate singing songs of violence toward those who cannot respond.

He is everything he hates.

Doubt is a stranger who has never knocked on the Rush’s door.

He has compassion for those who lack compassion for others.

FLASH! Rush Exposes MinnIransota Gate!

Although the liberal media which is controlled by Zionists continues to ignore the devious plots of liberals, America is blessed by the presence of that ever vigilant authority on fair play and truth-Rush Limbaugh. The voice of hope for those who wish to preserve America from mongrelization as exemplified by the half breed Barack Obama has uncovered a devious plot by Barack and the Jews– stealing the election in MinnIransota in order to elect still another Jew to the Senate. Only Rush could have spotted the similarities between the Iran election and the so-called election in Minnesota.

1. In both Iran and Minnesota ballots mysteriously disappeared.Is it a coincidence they disappeared in the same manner?
2. The head of Iran is a Mulsim. The head of America is a secret Muslim by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. Is this a coincidence?
3. Fox News was banned from reporting the Iran election. Fox News has been
banned from the White House. Is this still another coincidence?
4. In Iran young girls were used by revolutionaries to get their way. In Minnesota, Al Franken imported young girls from Hollywood and Long Island to sway male voters.
5. The Iranian government hates George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld because they destroyed the WMD that was going to be used by Iraq, a vassal state of Iran. Al Franken has admitted he hates Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney. If two leaders hate the same people can we not deduce they are in alliance?

God Bless Rush Limbaugh, a man of personal bravery who risks his over weight body every night because liberals seek to eliminate his voice from the air waves. America needs to ask former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a great legal scholar, to head a commission to investigate the fraudulent election in Minnesota.

Send Al back to his liberal pals in Hollywood, the epicenter of fornication in America.

Pornography In Prehistoric Times Is Still Porno!

There are unconfirmed reports Rush Limbaugh has decided to launch an all out campaign against pornography from Europe which is designed to warp the minds of decent Christians like Rush who divorce wives and hide from military service. A piece of prehistoric pornography which someone carved from mamoth ivory about 35,000 years ago is still pornography and will undoubtedly be investigated by those who seek to end porno in our lives. According to Nicholas Conrad of the University of Tubingen, “there can be no doubt that the depiction of oversized breasts, accentuated buttocks and genitalia results from the deliberate exaggeration of the sexual features of the figurine.”

We in this blog believe there is need for a congressional investigation since there is no doubt Democrats and the liberal media are behind this attempt to slip in cro-magnon pornography and encourage youth to cease being God fearing decent individuals. The issue is not whether porno is 35,000 or 50,000 years old, the issue is when will these damn liberals and porno people stop trying to poison the minds of decent people! If we allow 35,000 year old pornography to enter our society it will open the flood gates of porno from 75,000 years ago and God knows when it will end.

Please Rush, turn away for a moment from your campaign to portray Barack Obama as a stealth candidate trying to slip in reparation payment to lazy black people and focus on the real issues of our time– 35,000 year old pornography!! Oh, and speaking of pornography, do you ever look in the mirror?

Much Ado About Nothing Except To Republicans

In July, 2008, an FBI report suggested there was an effort on the part of domestic terror groups to recruit disgruntled veterans or even those in the armed forces. The report, which came out while George Bush was president, elicited nothing but yawns from Republican congressmen or the conservative media. But, expressing the same concern during the administration of Barack Obama makes a world of difference to the Rush Limbaugh fringe in this nation. Fury and anger erupted from Republican leaders and Rep. Steve Buyer of Alabama, rose to the height of bombastic rhetoric by announcing, “it is inconceivable to me that the administration considers them(veterans) a potential threat.” For some reason, Mr. Buyer seemed to buy the same statement from the Bush administration as a perfectly thoughtful comment.

The Homeland Security analysis simply said white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups were trying to recruit disgruntled veterans or soldiers. Glen Gardner of the VFW, quietly commented “a government that does not assess internal and external security threats would be negligent of a critical public responsibility.” Rush and his cohorts are defenders of anything stated by Republicans but will not tolerate such insults if made by Democrats!

Rush Limbaugh — The Fat Man Has Sung!

The Fat Man of Republican politics has entered onto center stage and given another of his performances of ignorance. At a time when Americans are hurting and seeking answers to the economic disaster which has over taken them, along comes the pudgy man shouting and wiggling his body in a demonstration of ignorance and hate. Republican leaders rush off stage fearing to say or do anything that would upset the man from Missouri whose only claim to fame is an ability to ramble and shout hate for those who seek to think about issues. How to solve the economic disaster– his response is to cut taxes. Eight million are now without work and the best way to get them a decent job according to Rush Limbaugh is reducing taxes! The American society wants its leaders to work together but to the man from southern Missouri, the solution is to preach divisiveness and pray for the death of Barack Obama.

Democrats are counter attacking the winds of ignorance he blows by mocking and deriding the little man whose tiny ideas and ranting attract attention from the idiots who somehow believe listening to his tirades will lead to the emergence of a single intelligent idea. Rush reflects a world of the past in which spewing hate and derision of others was the solution to problems. He sometimes makes one feel as though a clown was performing in hope of bringing joy to the audience, but when the clownish antics of the round little man are seen, one can only shake a head in wonderment why 14 million people actually want to see this act of incompetence.

Democrats are pouncing on him because they want to emphasize to the American public that Republicans have lost their way and have no solutions to offer. The pompous pretentious putrid player on the stage of politics should be allowed to hog center stage and perform several times a day and night. His antics are the politics of the past and his ideas reflect those who seek to return to a time that never existed except in the mind of this rolly polly little creature of the swamps of hate.

Rant on and on and on my little man from Missouri. Your performance will be loved by the neo-Nazis groups which inhabit the forests of southern Missouri. The rest of us prefer the world of reality.

When Will Republicans Ever Learn?

The Republican party was dealt a defeat this past November by the American people and one message that was sent is the fatigue felt by most people in the United States over divisive politics which focuses on personality rather than ideas. Over the weekend, the American media reported the story of Chip Saltman, who seeks to assume leadership of the Republican party and sent a DVD entitled, “Barack The Magic Negro” which was a compilation of songs critical of liberals and entitled, “We Hate The US.” Mr. Saltman’s defense was the songs aired on the Rush Limbaugh show which he apparently believes makes them valid in content or form. He argued anyone would understand the songs were satirical and were not meant to offend anyone.

Once upon a time, the Republican party was led by outstanding individuals like Wendell Wilkie, Thomas Dewey, Robert Taft, and Dwight Eisenhower who believed there was a conservative political and philosophical response to liberalism. They did not believe to be a Democrat meant an individual was less of an American. But, today, the Rush Limbaugh mentality associates difference of opinion with treason. Rush believes his ideas embody what is necessary in this nation.

The nation’s economy has collapsed, most are disgusted with Bush ideas on foreign policy, but to some Republicans the answer is mocking the president and their opponents with smears about not being loyal Americans. We all recall how George Bush denounced anyone who denied the right of the president to do as he wished as being disloyal Americans. Fortunately, Barack Obama will not get into the dirt and filth of the Rush Limbaugh wing of the Republicans party. As Saul Annuzis, Republican party chair in Michigan said of the DVD: “in my opinion, this isn’t funny and it’s in bad taste.”