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Cuba, 1962 Redeux Or Much Ado About Nothing?

Conflicting reports out of Russia and Cuba have added to confusion surrounding rumors Cuba will become a refueling stop for Russian nuclear military bombers. Monday’s Isvestiya, cited a “highly placed military source” as the basis for its report the Kremlin wanted to use Cuba as a base for its long range Tu-160 and Tu-95 strategic nuclear bombers. According to this anonymous source, “While they are deploying the anti-missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic, our long-range strategic aircraft already will be landing in Cuba.” Isvestiya is regarded as an unofficial conduit of what the Kremlin is thinking.

However, Russia’s Defense Ministry poured cold water on the report yesterday. Ilshat Baichurin, acting head of the defense ministry’s information department said: “Russia, guided by its peaceful policy, is not creating military bases at the borders of other states.”

The real question is why President Bush once again created a problem where none existed. There is no rational defense for building anti-missile systems in Poland or the Czech Republic if the goal is preventing an Iranian or North Korean attack. North Korea is cooperating with the UN and other nations to halt its nuclear program. Iran lacks capability to send missiles to Europe. The more obvious question is why would Iran fire missiles at Europe knowing full well their own nation would be blasted by nuclear weapons which are in the possession of France and Great Britain?

Bush Blunders Create New World Problem

President Bush pushed through his ill-advised idea to construct anti-missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic which supposedly would protect Europe against unnamed enemies. Russia offered to cooperate in the dispute and even invited construction of the anti-missile bases on their own territory, but Bush, with his usual aggressive mentality insisted the bases would be built. A Moscow newspaper now reports the possibility of Russian nuclear armed bombers being stationed in Cuba. Once again, Bush has created a problem where none existed. Instead of WMD, he now fantasizes that somehow Iran or North Korea will be sending missiles in the direction of Europe. Fidel Castro, neither confirming nor denying the proposed bomber stationing, praised his brother Raul, for maintaining a “dignified silence” about the matter. The Cuban leader made clear his nation did not have to offer explanations to the United States about anything.

How did the world get into this new mess? Why did European nations allow themselves to get talked into building missile defenses on the border of Russia which were bound to arouse the ire of that nation? We live in Bushmania, a world in which George Bush sees enemies where none exist and then proceeds to create turmoil.