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Election Russian Style-Fraud, Bribery, Pressure

Russian voters and opposition parties complained of ballot stuffing, bribery and intimidation in Sunday’s presidential election in which Kremin backed candidate Dimitry Medvedev won a landslide victory. Golos, the oly independent Russian monitoring group said that a majority of the violations occurred not at the ballot box, but rather in the run-up to the election and during the tallying of votes. Numerous voters and observers called the Golos hotline to report incidents of ballots being stuffed ahead of the vote. Lila Shibanova of Golos said it was difficult to distinguish repeat voters and this was commonly done during course of the voting.

An observer, Roman Udot, said he peered through the slots of the sealed ballot boxes at a polling station and saw neatly stacked ballots, despie the fact voting had not yet begun. He took a picture of the stacked ballots and posted it on his blog, romanik.livejournalcom. Doctors at two hospitals were told to keep patients at the hospital an extra day so they could vote — and naturally cast their ballots the right way.

Everyone knew Medvedev would win, but the Putin government had to make certain the vote total was high enough so they could boast of an overwhelming victory for the nondescript candidate.

Surprise!! Medvedev Wins Election

Dimitry Medvedev was among those fortunate to live in democratic nations where results of elections are known prior to the first person entering the polling booth to cast a vote. Speaking to reporters at his election headquarters, regarding future plans he said: “I think that it will be a direct continuation of that path which is being carried out by President Putin.” The new president emphasized the importance atttached to working with Putin as part of a team. Of course, oppponents who actually dared to run against Medvedev complained about the stage managed election, but this attitude is only typical of those who still don’t grasp the meaning of democracy in the Putin era.

The official count with half polling stations reporting was 68.19% for Medvedev while challenger Gennady Zyuganov came in with 16.8% of the vote. President Putin undobutedly will have to send some people out to check on who fouled up by allowing nearly 17% of the vote to go to someone other than Medvedev.

How To Win An Election-Have No Opponent!

President Putin has devised a sure-fire plan to ensure his protege, Dimitry Medvedev wins the March election for president of Russia– make certain no one runs against him. the Central Elections Commission announced that former pime minister Mikhail Ksyanov’s petition to be registered as a candidate for president has been rejected due to invalid documentation. Since he was not nominated by a registered political party, his candidacy could only be qualified if he submitted evidence of at least 2,000,000 signatures. His documentation contained the names of 2,057,000 people, but the Commission claims 13% of the signatures were not valid due to problems like not including the date when a passport was issued or failure to include income, etc…

Msedvedev had two other potential candidates, but Vladmir Zjirovsky of the Democrtic Party and Gennady Zyuganov of the Communist Party are both indicating they realize it is a waste of time to run in an election in which the winner is known before a vote is cast. They will probably bow out. The ironic aspect of this election fiasco is Medvedev would have easily won without having to resort to this chicanery of denying opponents an opportunity to run.

Russian Ballot Box Stuffing Helps Putin Landslide Victory

Golos, the only independent election monitoring body in Russia, criticized the State Duma vote as riddled with serious violations that robbed the Putin machine of any sense of legitimacy. Golos stated:”The lack of political competition, the pressure on the voting process, the mass casting of absentee ballots and the unprecedented use of administrative resources… in favor of one party created serious doubts about whether the vote conformed to accepted international standards.” Representatives from Golos visited 20,000 polling stations in 38 regions by 2,500 volunteers. Its hotline received 4,000 calls reporting electoral irregularities. Opposition parties received support from the European Union which backed their claims concerning the pressure by the Putin government to ensure its victory regardless of whether or not it was achieved by honest methods.

A video is working its way through the Internet which depicts a woman feeding ballots into a ballot box. The behavior of President Putin is remarkably similar to that of President Nixon in 1972. Both men were assured of victory, but both simply couldn’t be satisfied with a normal triumph, they had to resort to dirty tricks. Nixon had his Watergate fiasco and Putin has nonstop reports of electoral misconduct.