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New Russian Law Abandons Abandoned Children

The current law in Russia that deals with children who are abandoned allows foster parents who accept a child to literally, become part of the staff of the orphanage. This means the foster parent can draw upon medical and psychological services of the orphange while taking care of a child. The orphanage staff becomes a sort of social services agency for not only finding parents but also of providing them ongoing assistance in raising the child. A new bill ends this option for foster child placement. As a member of an orphanage commented: “We will not be able to assist them(foster parents) any more and we will not be allowed to find new parents.”

The new law allows state bureaucrats to make decisions concernng what is best for children, not the loving staff of an orphanage. The system is undoubtedly rather innovative and in accordance with principles of child care. For some reason when a good system is in place to aid children, government bureaucrats wish to step in and replace it with a system that damages the rights and needs of children and foster parents.