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Russia Unity Day Attracts Racist Groups

At the People’s Unity Day on Sunday, several groups of racist xenophobic people marched through the streets shouting ugly attacks on ethnic minorities. Many of the marchers were young people who had shaved their heads and wore black army boots and khaki pants as they shouted racist insults. The Movement Against Illegal Immigration mixed with Russia Marches and the People’s Union who walked with signs “Russia For Russians, “Beat The Jews,” and “Anti-Fascist Suck.” They were even joined by an American representative, Preston Wiginton of Texas who represented American groups who agree with white racism. There were also large numbers of pro-Putin youth groups.

Is should not be surprising to have such nationalistic groups marching on Russian streets. President Putin has conveyed a nationalistic bent in his manner of talking and his attempts to stifle all opposition to the one man rule which is very evident in modern Russia.