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Madness Of Bush And McCain Threatens World Peace!

Europe and Russia were working together on many issues and the old animosity between Russians and Americans had apparently been put to rest when suddenly everything has turned upside down. Bush deliberately provoked strong Russian reaction by pushing for missile bases to be constructed in Poland using the lame excuse they were needed to counter possible attacks by “rogue states” like North Korea and Iran. Hogwash. What pretext would lead Iran to send missiles to attack Europe knowing that France and Great Britain have nuclear armed submarines? Russia offered to have the missile bases built on their soil but Bush turned them down. The entire current hysteria originates in mistaken foreign policy decisions by George Bush. He deliberately provoked Russia. He armed the Georgian army and apparently gave President Saakashvili the impression his invasion would be supported by the United States.

General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, Russia’s deputy chief of staff, reflected Russia’s fury at the missile bases by warning Poland that it might be punished. “Poland, by deploying(the missile system) is exposing itself to a strike–100%.” He made plain Russia’s military defense system was predicated on attacking a nation that confronted it with missiles. Secretary of State Condi Rice is trying her best to calm down the Georgians and is avoiding making any provocative statements.

John McCain is using the Georgia invasion to hype his so-called foreign policy experience. However, the only thing he is demonstrating is his hyper active personality which is quick to make threats and has no grasp about diplomacy and calmness. He has called for the expulsion of Russia from the G-8 group. Exactly, how this would help lessen tension is still to be explained by the so-called foreign policy “expert.”

Hopefully, this incident should make any supporter of Hillary Clinton who now is considering voting for anti-female rights John McCain to think twice. John McCain is a loose cannon who makes Bush come across as being reasonable.