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Democratic Republic Of Congo – The Invisible Land

The world becomes furious at the death of a thousand civilians in Gaza, the world becomes furious at the ongoing deaths in Darfur, but the world simply ignores the death of millions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Early this year, the Congo government invited soldiers from Rwanda to enter their country and wipe out members of trhe Democratic Forces for The Liberation of Rwanda (former Hutus who fled Rwanda after committing the genocide against Tutus) in hope of ending this group’s ongoing rape and killing. The operation forced some members of the FDLR to surrender, but once Rwanda troops left the rebels simply went back kto what they have been doing for years -rape and killing.

Latest reports are that at least 90 Congo women were raped and about one hundred fifty villagers killed. Unfortunately, the Congo government took into the ranks of its army former rebels and sent them on this operation. These soldiers lacked training, pay or food so they proceeded to steal, rape and kill the people they supposedly were protecting.

Cry the beloved people of Congo because no one cries for you.